Everyday This 12 Year Boy Carry His Best Friend On His Back So They Both Can Attend School – Video


Zhang Ze, who was diagnosed with a rare muscle condition sometimes known as the rag doll disease at the age of four, has been able to go to school every day for the past six years thanks to his good friend, Xu Bingyang, 12. The incurable condition, officially called myasthenia gravis, caused Zhang to lose all control of his voluntary muscles in his legs.

He cannot walk on his own.

So, his friend stepped up and makes sure Zhang gets to and from school every day, and helps him get from class to class at the Hebazi Town Central Primary School in the county of Qingshen. The sixth-graders go to school together every day, with Xu carrying Zhang around on his back, piggybacking him from place to place so his day is a little easier since they met in the first grade.

Xu also helps Zhang with other little tasks most of us take for granted, like refilling his water bottle, handing in his homework and going to the bathroom.

Amazingly, Xu hadn’t even told his mum about what he does to help his mate at school, and just got on with his truly selfless act of friendship. Xu, who is much taller and stronger than Zhang, told reporters that it was his pleasure to be his friend’s ‘walking stick’.

Talk about giving going to school every weekday morning some real purpose – beyond getting a good education and all that.

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