Will Smith To Help Raise $50 Million To Combat Global Homelessness


Actor Will Smith is big on social activism. He’s worked on initiatives centered on youth education, the improvement of inner-city communities, and the empowerment of underprivileged families. According to USA Today, his latest philanthropic project will focus on combatting global homelessness. The West Philadelphia native has partnered with The World’s Big Sleep Out project; a global campaign designed to raise funds for one million individuals around the world who are resist with displacement.

As part of the project which was founded by social entrepreneur Dr. Josh Littlejohn individuals in 50 cities across the globe will sleep outside for one evening to raise $50 million that will be allocated to organizations that are on a mission to combat homelessness. During the one-night event, Smith will participate in a bedtime story reading in New York City’s Times Square and there will be simultaneous live performances by other entertainers held in Los Angeles, Chicago, Madrid, Amsterdam and other cities.

The initiative is a collaborative effort between Social Bite, the Institute of Global Homelessness, UNICEF, the Malala Fund, and the Robin Hood organization and is slated to take place on December 7

“We want to send a message to the world’s governmental leaders to enact compassionate policy and find solutions for homelessness locally and the global refugee calamity that affects us all,” wrote Littlejohn in a statement on the initiative’s website. “We are a small, interconnected world. By collectively sacrificing our beds for one cold night we can reach out a hand of compassion and solidarity with those who need it most homeless people on our doorsteps and refugees internationally.”

Projects like The World’s Big Sleep Out are needed as homelessness is on the rise internationally. According to The Institute of Global Homelessness, there are 100 million people worldwide who have no housing. Smith and his family have been dedicated to supporting the homeless population. The announcement about his participation in this initiative comes just months after his son Jaden Smith launched a Los Angeles-based vegan food truck that provides free meals for the homeless.

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GraceThat’s why it’s better to be kind to people because God disguises His “angels” and have them everywhere to bless or to bless us.

Gilbert Dare Even though this was obviously staged, I assume it is a depiction of an actual event.

It is a great reward for a very kind act on the part of the young man. No doubt he has learned valuable things from his mom. I do believe that good people, who are not “believers” in a higher power can and do make the same kind of gestures.

Carlos Zarate Tears came out of my eyes seeing this. The world really needs such kind souls at the moment. The world is on the verge of extinction. This kind of souls can only save it now.

Jesse LeongI’m so blessed to see how a Rich man with compassion in he’s heart to help the needy..

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