Kyrie Irving Bought A House For George Floyd’s Family, Says He’s Fulfilling His Purpose – Video


Kyrie Irving spoke to reporters on Tuesday and confirmed he helped buy a house for George Floyd’s family. It was Irving’s first time speaking to reporters since leaving the Brooklyn Nets for “personal” reasons. Irving missed seven games while off. Former NBA player Stephen Jackson first revealed Irving’s contribution on “The Mismatch” podcast, saying Irving was one of several celebrities to help out Floyd’s family.

Irving on Tuesday said it was a “team effort” and he was just trying to do his part. “It was a team effort,” Irving told reporters on Zoom. “Just continuing to fulfill our purpose and serve the underserved communities that don’t get as much attention from others. Just trying to do my part. Selfless service, that’s all.” The Undefeated’s Marc J.

Spears reported that Irving had given the family the money for the house five or six months ago.

Floyd was terminate when a white officer kneeled on his neck for seven minutes. Floyd’s demise, which was captured on camera, sparked nationwide disapproval. Jackson, who was friends with Floyd, also revealed that rapper Lil’ Wayne’s manager bought the Floyd family a Mercedes Benz, while actress Barbara Streisand bought the family Disney stock. Irving has become increasingly involved in social justice matters. While off from the Nets, Irving was seen on a Zoom call for a campaign of a Manhattan district attorney candidate.

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Reginald JacksonMost of the players in the NBA, NFL & MLB are always giving back to the community without accolades anyway (always have & always will).

Cozetta LaneSome people will always find fault in something or someone not matter the situation is, if it’s not to their advantage it’s a problem, if this man’s heart was to help the family why can’t you applaud him regardless of how much money they won. Smh

Denise AndersHe purchased the home for them prior to the settlement. God will bless him for his generosity.

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