“God Spoke To Me. I Got Chills, Immediately”: Man At Gas Pump Leaves Officer In Tears After Covering Her In Prayer – Video


Surrounded by the vio-lence, negativity and hate, which has been immersed in the hearts of the people of our nation, in the past few months, because of George’s Floyd’s cruel homicide, it is pleasing to witness the unity and love, like a story, which has been shared by Lewis Monique on her social media account.

She begins her message, saying, “I don’t normally share moments [like these],” Then she went on sharing a 5 minutes’ video, which she experienced in her car, about how she received the blessing in a full circle way, which she could not even think of.

She said it happened because she listened to God’s voice, prompting in her ears. Before this night, she has posted another video of a biracial toddler, whose was walking around the whole festival and was hugging everyone, despite their ethnicity, and color. At that time, Lewis Monique, a New Orleans officer, thought to herself, “This is what America is.

This is what America should look like.”She reflected on her statement, she read out the hanging in her bathroom which says, “Be the change you wanna see.”

After the incident, Lewis felt that she should post the video on her social media page with a caption that would encourage others, that people should hug the person next to them, even if he of another skin color or ethnicity. She said, “Or give them a nice gesture, or a compliment, and be the change that you wanna see. Ra-cism is taught, just like love is taught.” The next morning, Lewis rushed home to get ready for her regular shift, that’s when she realized that she had low gas in her car. She was hesitant to stop at the gas station fuel because she was already running late, but she decided to pull over.

Suddenly, a Caucasian taxi driver appeared in front of her. He was the same age as her and was standing alongside her pumping gas. He said, “Ma’am can I ask you something, Can I pray for you?” Lewis was tired from the work and scorched by the early morning heat and has to rush to work, but she paused and replied, “, “Sure, of course, there’s never enough prayer.” The Caucasian taxi driver explains that he can understand what is going on, with all the ethnic tension and hate toward officers remarking because his sister is also a officer in New Orleans. He said, “it shouldn’t be that way.” “I just wanna cover you,”

Lewis said, “Immediately I got chills. This young man prayed over me, and I got chills IMMEDIATELY, I gave him a hug, even [with] the COV-19 because I realized that God was working.” A tear ran through her eyes and she continued “God spoke to me last night and I shared that video.

He spoke to me. He showed me how the power of tongue and prayer, and I was being the example that I wanna see.” Immediately, Lewis realized how she could have missed her blessing because she was going to go straight to work. In the morning, she sends an exactly the same prayer to someone and it came back to her 6 hours later. She said, “That was that same prayer that I put out 2-something this morning, it came right back to me, 6 hours later, so be mindful what you pray on. When your heart is pure, your blessings always turns right back around at you.”