Ayesha And Stephen Curry Have A New Bus That’s Feeding & Teaching Children In Oakland – Video

Steph and Ayesha Curry took their love for The Magic School Bus to new heights with their latest entrepreneurial endeavor. The NBA champion is supporting his wife, and her Eat. Learn. Play. bus that debuted at an elementary school in Oakland on Wednesday, NBC News reports. Ayesha uses the vibrant pink, pale blue, and yellowish-gold school bus to attract children and entertain them with healthy food and good books.

Her new educational venture targets children and other youths of color in some of Oakland’s most underserved communities and energizes them with food, education, and attention.

“This idea came basically from me wanting to find a way to eradicate food deserts within the Oakland area,” Ayesha Curry said. “At first, the idea was around, ‘How can we find locations where people can come and pick up fresh produce and other things for their families?’ Logistically, especially with Covid, that idea started to seem far-fetched.” The multifaceted bus comes decked out to provide two different experiences for children.

One side serves as a food truck serving food and fresh produce to children and families, while the other side is a mobile library to address Oakland’s struggling literacy rate.

A study from aCoach.org found that children in Oakland are four times more likely to read multiple years below their grade level than white students. “Let’s get together, give this model a try and see if we can create some excitement around reading,” Ayesha said, “If we can all join together and try to fix the issue together and turn these numbers around, then I think we’re doing something right.”

Steph Curry is right alongside his wife, cheering on her newest business endeavor after the “bittersweet” decision to relocate the Golden State Warriors from Oakland to San Francisco. “Oakland has been our adopted home,” he said. “There’s so much talent and promise in Oakland, but not as much opportunity. And that’s something that we have to strive to address, with this bus as just the latest rendition of doing that.”

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MelbaSimply awesome for the kids! May this lead them to become healthier, learned and positive-thinking people! The Curry’s are wonderful pillars of the community and more!
God’s continued blessings upon you!

CarltonThese are the stories we need to hear about pro players. The ones who spend their time and money to help others.

Not the ones who kneel there on Sunday and then do nothing to help society the rest of the week. Pray for people like the Curry’s who believe in the good of life.

Sarah Hansen Growing up as a child in California, I was so glad there were things like this in place. I spent parts of my childhood living in campgrounds and there were little mobile schools that would come through and do lessons with us, and thank God for them! It’s great to hear this is continuing to happen and hopefully more often!

DianeThey are always giving back!! It’s so refreshing to see those who have so much give to others who don’t!! Bless you Steph and Ayesha

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