Inspired By Misty Copeland, 11-Year-old Ballerina Makes History As First Black Lead In The Nutcracker – Video


11-year-old Charlotte Nebres just made history as the first Marie, the young heroine and lead in the New York City Ballet’s production of Ge-orge Balanchine’s “The Nutcracker,” Good Morning America, reports. Nebres is a student at the School of American Ballet and is the first Bl-ack ballerina to play lead in the play since its inception in 1954.

The young starlet spoke to The New York Times about the accomplishment saying, “It’s pretty amazing to be not only representing S.A.B., but also representing all of our cultures. There might be a little boy or girl in the audience seeing that and saying, ‘Hey, I can do that too.’”

Nebres said she was inspired by seeing trailblazer Misty Copeland perform. “I saw her perform and she was just so inspiring and so beautiful. When I saw someone who looked like me on stage, I thought, ‘That’s amazing.’ She was representing me and all the people like me,” she said.

Nebres was just 6-years-old when Copeland made history as the first African American woman principal at the American Ballet Theater. Now Charlotte is blazing trails of her own for young aspiring ballet prodigies.

Charlotte’s mother, Danielle Nebres, who was also a dancer growing up, described her daughter as quiet and artistic and said the experience is very meaningful for them. “You don’t know what people are seeing in your child, and they are definitely seeing something in her,” Danielle said. But young Charlotte is really just focused on dancing. “It just feels like when I dance, I feel free and I feel empowered. I feel like I can do anything when I dance. It makes me happy, and I’m going to do what makes me happy. You don’t need to think about anything else,” she said. Congratulations Charlotte! Keep reaching for the stars!

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HelenaCongratulations to Charlotte Nebres. You are beautiful young lady who will become a up and rising superstar in the ballet world.

Nidia Colon Congratulations to you young princess ; Continued Blessings and Success to you .

Patricia ClappThere is a Canadian Ballet company that spicializes in diversity workWe LOVE to have them visit our town. I have seen all kinds of people playing all kinds of parts with Many Diverse Leads.

Veronica Alleynethat was how I felt at the time when I was enrolled in classes at the Dance theater of Harlem & all us little kids would crowd into the entry way of the company rehearsal room creating a fi-re hazard watching the company rehearse it was heaven

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