Devon Franklin & Meagan Good: The Reason They’ve Waited To Have Kids – Video

Meagan Good and her husband DeVon Franklin always believe in time and patience. Though they got married only after 6 months of dating, and feel proud to have a blissful married life. As of now, many have asked when they are going to become parents. On the most popular show The Dr. Oz Show, they shared so many important factors related to their marriage and their family planning.

Though they would truly love to expand their family, timing is everything to make the right decision. DeVon also shared that he wanted children but later he found that his better-half Meagan was still not ready. Before deciding to get married, we both took a lot of time to get to know each other and this is what we considered an ideal foundation in marriage.

Earlier women did not have to have the luxury of time the way they have now in the context of conceiving children. Now, technology is here so our biological clocks do not cause stress. Egg Freezing has made it easy to get more time before starting a family and Meagan Good and Devon are going with this technology. They discussed it with the doctor and made a decision to freeze eggs.

DeVon also added that spending time together made them even ideally prepared to become parents. They feel proud to have the foundation of waiting patiently and preparing so that their marriage can go successful in all aspects. DeVon admits that most of the time we think that we are rushing because of being part of a social media oriented world. But we should also understand the value of taking time and staying committed.

Meagan is creating a great buzz because of her 30-day fitness challenges and also adds that she always knew that she wants to be a mother later in life but at the ideal time. And this 30-day challenge is for that too so that one can understand how one wants things career-wise and how much one is prepared to have children.

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