Hearing God – Devon Franklin – Video


Ever wondered when people talk about hearing from God, how it happens? So many questions just pop in your mind. Questions like: Does God talk with a loud voice or not? Is there a particular way to hear from Him? and more.

Today’s teaching on “HEARING GOD” by Devon Franklin is a word for you. He talks about what stops us from hearing well from God and how to effectively hear from Him. We pray that as you listen to this, the Holy Spirit will minister to you and you will be able to implore the lessons from this message. Have a lovely Wednesday.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Alonzo Eley God is so good! I just finished reading The Wait and said to myself I wish i could hear one of Devon Franklin’s sermons and this popped up.

Keisha Olivia This sermon has gave me so many chills!!!! From this day foward I WILL HEAR GOD, & DO EVERYTHING HE HAS CALLED ME ON THIS EARTH TO DO!!!! Thank you GOD

Ronda Crawford If someone can’t handle your shine, buy them some. Turn down the noise volume to hear God speaking to you. Hear God and start doing. Great message, I receive it and thank you very much. Amen

Carole Elijio Omg! Whoo Holy God!!! This was for me!!! If it wasn’t late at night I would run through the house shouting and praising the Lord!! This was an on time word! Thank you Pastor Franklin

Antonio I am beyond words.

This is about the most personal and up to date message from God in my life. Thank You LORD for this confirmation.

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