First Black Male Valedictorian At His High School Headed To Harvard – Video

“My story specifically can help other young men to know that just because society may say one thing about you, or there may be a stigma or stereotype that surrounds being a man, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re confined to that,” Tatum told Fox 26 News. The 18-year old valedictorian has been awarded more than $700,000 in scholarships and accepted in several universities including Ivy League schools.

With all this success, Tatum wanted to share his story through his autobiography Thriving In My Own Lane. He had been writing the book since he was in 8th grade intending to show how he continued to succeed despite what other people think.

He comments, “I noticed that people didn’t see me in that light because I was a young man. They didn’t see me in the light of the next doctor, lawyer, engineer. The message I wanted to convey was we are more than just a stereotype. We are more than just thugs. We are more than athletes.” He decided to attend Harvard University to pursue a joint concentration in Biomedical Engineering and Government. He plans to someday help in making advancements in engineering, medicine, and social justice.

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Mary Congratulations young man keep working harder .God is the one that gives knowledge he didn’t treat with colors I proud of you keep it up

Elizabeth Davis Make everyone proud of you again at Harvard.

Be safe. God bless, keep, provide, protect, give you peace, guidance, direction, truth, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, discernment, strength, & help etc. May God grant all that is needed spirit, soul, bo-dy, heart & mind. Be humble, give God the glory, & He will continue to exalt you. Let Him use you to be a light for others, & to exalt Him. Be encouraged & of good courage, & of good success (even more than now)

Billie Farris Great guy, we are proud of you. Always remember that you are a flag bearer of a people; of a nation; the nation!!! Maximum respect and may God guide and protect you throughout this journey and beyond in Jesus name.

Lisa Did the high school have a white valedictorian go the Harvard previously? If not, why does the color of this young man in the title? Thankfully, he was raised in America where you can make your dreams come true with hard work. Congratulations to you for making it happen!!

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