Meagan Good Reads Bible Every Day, Says God Comes Before Career


Meagan Good has been booked with consistent acting jobs for the past four years, but she insists that God fulfills her way more than her career. “I pray and read my Bible every single day, I stay close to God because He’s what matters the most; everything else is secondary,” Good said in a Los Angeles Sentinel report.

“My career can never give me what God can give me.” The 34-year-old actress currently stars in the FOX television show “Minority Report” but had to get used to the idea of consistently working on the small screen after building her career upon movie roles. In 2013, Good starred in the ABC series “Deception,” which she was initially apprehensive about.

“When Deception initially came to me, I was afraid to do TV because it’s a huge time commitment and you’ll potentially be playing the same character for several years. And for at least six months of the year you’re aside from your family in a different state or even a different country,” the actress revealed.

“I had all of these stipulations about what the situation had to be in order for me to do television. When the opportunity for me to star in Deception presented itself, it was everything I said it had to be, so I knew it was God.” However, “Deception” only lasted for one season. Instead of being discouraged that her show was cancelled, Good saw the opportunity as a blessing in disguise.

“When it ended, I was very thankful because it created so many other opportunities for me in the process. Deception opened the door for Minority Report as well as my role in Anchor Man 2: The Legend Continues,” she revealed. “God wanted me to have those different roles to be able to build a platform where I could be more effective as a Christian. Deception allowed people to see me in a really different light.” Instead of worrying about which project would present itself after Deception, the Christian actress relied on her faith to help propel her into the next chapter of her career.

“At the time, I had just gotten married and being aside from my family I had a lot of time to grow personally and professionally. So I wasn’t disappointed when the show got canceled because I knew God had something else lined up,” she said. “Similarly with Minority Report, I asked God for certain things within the role and it was everything I said it needed to be. It’s a testament to not settling. I would rather not work than to do something that I’m not passionate about.” Good has been vocal about her excitement for the new FOX show in which she currently stars, and admits that it has been the hardest project she has ever taken on.

While some people may question the direction she is headed, the actress said she is only concerned with where God is leading her. “I trust God so much that even if my decisions don’t make sense to other people, I know that God knows what He’s doing,” she told the Sentinel. The 34-year-old actress, who is married to Hollywood producer and minister DeVon Franklin, has been vocal about being selective with the roles she chooses because of her faith. “I have my parameters of what I feel in my spirit is appropriate,” she previously told the LA Times. “There have been times where it’s been tough because it’s something I really wanted, but the nudity would be exploitative and I’d lose the opportunity, but what I’ve found is that the more I stick to my convictions, the more God sticks to his promises.”

According to the actress, it is possible to fuse both her faith and career despite some of the preconceived notions associated with Hollywood.

“When I would lose something, something better would come up than what I turned down,” Good previously told the Times. “We believe that both [Christianity and show business] can come together and one can be used to promote the other, using what we do in the business to promote the Kingdom.”

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