From Homeless And Inca-rcerated To Becoming A Super Chef That Owns Three Restaurants! – Video

Darnell Ferguson, founder and owner of Super Chef’s Restaurant, knew early on what he enjoyed and wanted to do. It was while attending vocational school that he realized how much he enjoyed cooking. His inspiration was watching celebrity chef, Emeril, on TV, and that’s when he decided he wanted to own his own restaurant.

But getting there was a lot more difficult than he ever imagined!

Starting out on the right foot

Darnell started out in the right direction, attending Kentucky’s Sullivan University to study culinary arts. He was one of only two students who were chosen out of thousands to be a part of the 2008 Olympic Team in Beijing, China.

Now, it might seem like the rest of his life would unfold from here, but it didn’t.

Turning the wrong direction

Darnell was struggling to make a living as a chef and started selling d-rugs on the street to make money. It resulted in his seize 8 times and losing everything, even his home. It was after his last incarceration that he took a good look at himself and realized he had become the person he never wanted to be. After his release, he managed to get work at local restaurants, but his temper got him fi-red, and he was unemployed for a year.

From the bottom up

It was when Darnell began attending church that he realized that he needed to make changes in his life. With his temper now under control, he talked to a friend about leasing space in his restaurant. He wanted to create what he calls a “pop-up” where he could serve breakfast. After a few months, other restaurant owners were approaching him to do the same thing at their restaurants. He was finally back on track!

In 2015, Darnell partnered with his friend, Ryan Bryson, to open their very own restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, called SuperChef’s Breakfast & More, but sadly that location was burned down. Since then, however, he has opened three more restaurants two in the Columbus, Ohio area and a new one in Louisville, Kentucky. Once a so-called “street thug” without a home, Ferguson is now a successful entrepreneur.

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Melissa Love that food, faith and superheroes poster!

Mary Judkins Now there’s a guy with a lot of potential.

Boe JidenHonestly, I started this video almost looking for something about this kid to dislike or find some sort of an ego flaw or something, but hes genuinely humble and loves what he does. Good for him. I hope he proves everyone wrong just like he did me.

Michael Kerns Good for him. And good for his parents not forcing a square peg into a round hole.

Kid wants to cook let him cook. Let him be great and make his way doing what he loves

Jamie Tucker sounds like this guy has got it under control and he seem passionate about cooking too, yup he is going to get far.

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