15-Year Old Black Female Chess Champion Wins $40K Scholarship – Video


Jessica, who is one of the top 10 female chess players in the US, recently received the prestigious Daniel Feinberg Succes in Chess Award which comes with a $40,000 college scholarship. “I play whenever I get the chance, like in my free time, like during my classes, like sometimes during classes,” Jessica told CBS News, noting that she plays at least 5 to 7 hours a day.

Jessica is currently a sophomore at Success Academy, a school known for its exceptional chess program.

Five years ago, she met her coaches Tyrell Harriott and David Mbonu, who are both National Masters, the highest level in the US. To become a chess master, a 2,200 ranking must be achieved. Jessica is already at 1,950. “I learned the game when I was 15, so for Jessica to be at 1,950, that’s a huge edge,” said Harriot. With that, she is hoping to become the first female chess master.

“There has never been a female player to br-eak the master ranking and that’s what Jessica is going for,” said Mbonu.

Even with the epidemic, Jessica continues honing her skills by playing chess online. Her mother, Loy Allen, has been very supportive of her daughter and hopes other young children of color get inspired by her story. “If your kid’s passionate enough about it, have them go for it because the sky’s the limit, right?” said Allen. Moreover, after achieving her goal of being a chess master, Jessica dreams of attending college at MIT and plans to teach chess to other children as well.

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Sandi Astley You go girl! I appreciate smart females. Show up those guys!

MarySo proud of you!! This is really great that someone so young can score so high.

KacieSo happy for her success, and very impressed but I agree with the others as long as we divide everything by using race as an identifier, we are continuing to create division in our society. I thought we were trying to overcome that.

Shelby Congratulations! Young lady. I have twin grand children who are intelligent! They have used their ability to study and become wonderful individuals this Grandma can be proud of. I write Congratulations to all people who achieve!

Marta Garcia We have to make somethings about race, not many blacks play Chess never mind become Chess Champions. Get over yourself.

Yes we are very proud of her.

Staci Thank you for positive stories in a negative world! Young people with skill, drive and opportunity can make a difference

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