Boy Spends All His Savings To Buy A Bicycle For The Gas Station Attendant

It’s truly amazing how far a simple act of kindness can go. We actually never know how our actions make other people feel or how deep of an impact they have on them. That is why we should always mind our behavior, as well as the words we speak to those around us, no matter if they are our friends or complete strangers we meet along the way of the journey called life.

Mandy Peterson’s story is a reminder that if you do good, good shall come to you. She and her son Vaughn were having fun riding their bikes in Gillitts, South Africa when the boy felt sick. They quickly got into a convenience store so that he could rest and have some water. Little did these mother and son know how the encounter with one of the store’s employees will get them a friend for life.

Tony noticed how the boy wasn’t feeling well and decided to step in, and just in a matter of minutes, lovely Vaughn was laughing and smiling again.

This meant so much for Mandy whose life goal was to raise her child in the spirit of doing good to others. Now that someone else did something good for Vaughn, she was certain he’ll learn how important it is for him to do the same thing for someone in need. she added that “Over the years I’ve tried to live like that and teach my child to do the same.” Vaughn and Tony became good friends. They would often chat about bikes whenever Mandy and her son were visiting the gas station where he worked.

The boy knew how much his friend Tony wanted to buy a new bike, so he decided to save some money and purchase it as a present for Tony. The boy obviously didn’t have the right amount, but he was willing to spend all the silver coins he had been collecting for months. One day, he approached his mommy with a rather confusing question. He asked her how much she wanted to go on holiday that year, because he was willing to spend his holiday money on the bike instead. Mandy couldn’t believe how kind and generous her son was. She always taught him the real values in life, and this was just a proof that she did parenting right.

Mandy and Vaughn had a mission. They were getting the best bike for the best guy they knew. Overly excited, the two went to the Game store and purchased the present. This good deed triggered another one.

The chain of generosity and kindness was getting longer. The manager of the store where they bought the bike learned of Vaughn’s story and they wanted to be part of it.

Luis Farias from the gas station where Tony worked was glad one of their employees was the reason so many kind deeds were taking place in this city, and you won’t be surprised if we tell you how they stepped in too and were happy to be part of this “pay it forward” movement Mandy and her son started. If this story isn’t going to make you do a kind deed yourself, we don’t know what will.

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Tom Sweetheart reading your incredible awesome gesture – made my day! You are an inspiration to so many, well done.

Robert This was a very nice act of kindness. Well done to the parents of this young man, you taught your child to have compassion for others. I wish more people in our lovely South Africa can do the same then we won’t have so much problems!!!

Sylvester Well done Vaughn, we can all learn from this little guy. It doesn’t take a lot to Do something good for other person. It’s so great to hear about stories like this, well done kiddo!

Natalia Reading you gracious act of kindness made my day. God bless you sweetheart.

Lucyi am really proud of this kid and how her mother raised him. such a generous kid. this kid encouraged me to do something good for others.

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