Boy Spends All His Savings To Donate A Bicycle To The Gas Station Attendant Who Helped Him


Life has its way of recalling good deeds. It’s more like a deja vu for cosmic consciousness whenever something generous happens. It has a chain link that continues like the online forward messages. The youngster helps the poor, the poor get a job and helps a cab driver, the cab driver helps the same youngster on a rainy day! A pretty simple example for energy shifts that run throughout every human being inside their empathic nerves.

The person with common sense won’t measure the one generous deeds with the other and ranks it. Trust me, as long as humans live and communicate together, no good deeds will go in vain for sure. What happened in Gillitts, the sub-urban area of South Africa will create a warm feeling inside everyone. Mandy Preston and Her Son Vaughn Preston have their cycling routine.

While they both races each other and spread some happy conversations and competitions between them, Vaughn didn’t feel well out of the blue.

Mandy was anxious and decided for her son to have a comfortable area to ensure he was okay. Mandy made Vaughn come to the nearby gas station. Vaughn is hardly breathing; he is trying to grasp his breath continuously. By noticing that the young man arrived at the scene who works there as a gas attendant. Vaughn offered water to the kid and had been with his mother, helping him get a hold of himself. Vaugh became well after a few support. This incident creates a bond between the kid Vaughn and the gas attendant Tony.

After that, they both started to have casual and friendly conversations now and then. Vaughn Preston found the interests Tony has over bikes too. They both had a few time-selling conversations about bikes between them. Tony even shared his wish about having a bike for himself. And one day, Vaugh went over to Mandy and said a few things that made her proud and happy that he is growing up to be a good human.

“Vaughn asked me if I wanted to take a vacation this year and, asking him why, he said he would rather invest his savings, saved to go on vacation that summer, just to help Tony get his much-desired bicycle,” When Vaughn committed to this plan of buying a bike for his friend, some of the other people happily joined him. Vaughn brought a bike with his Birthday money and presented it to his friend.