These Incredible Set Of Photos Celebrates Beautiful Black Girls And The Baroque Era


Wow, this photo sh-oot is the epitome of girl magic! The mesmerizing series of snaps infuse the beauty of natural hair and the Baroque Era.

The name of the photography series is called Afro Art. It was created by Atlanta husband and wife team, CreativeSoul Protography.

The Baroque era is known for its exuberance and grandeur. The lucky models got to capture this – with the result being a beautiful celebration of girls and their natural hair.

Check out more of the photos below:

This is how people reacted to this post:

Sharon Hudson This dark-skinned woman is absolutely beautiful. She looks like a model.

Catriona Let’s be honest, that woman is gorgeous and the color of her skin enhances her attributes.

Reynolds I’m a girl and I really appreciate the way God created me I don’t care what others think of me all I know is to thanks God for everything

Vikki SmithWe’re all made in the images of God.

Bronco Billy the Mulatto model…” First of all, she is lovely ; second, she is not “mulatto,” she seems to be fully B- lack So woke. Much progressive.

Vangelis Great feature! I love the work of Creative Soul Photography. I follow their social media page.

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