This Interabled Couple Is Reminding Us That Love Is Always What’s Most Important – Video


Two years ago, Winston Clements of London, England, met a woman named Mayfair. Since the two of them were young entrepreneurs, Winston suggested they start a group to help others struggling to get their dream businesses off the ground. Over the next few months, the colleagues fell deeply in love! “Winston is one of those guys to know Winston up close is to love him, but it was the evening after we ran our first mastermind event that I realized I was ‘in’ love with him,” Mayfair recalled.

The couple began dating, and nine months later, Winston popped the question. Mayfair was thrilled to say yes and couldn’t wait to become his bride!

Winston currently works as a motivational speaker and cultural specialist. He was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease, which means his bones are extremely fragile and br-eak easily, so he uses a wheelchair to get around. He has endured more than 200 fractures in his 34 years, yet every day he remains grateful to be alive.

Many people with OI are not so lucky. Since the beginning, Winston has had the drive to succeed and the intelligence to accomplish his goals. As a public speaker and mentor, he focuses on normalizing people of all abilities and is known for his personal mantra, “Your limitations are an illusion.” He has even given two TED talks about bre-aking free from the stigma of disability.

He and Mayfair tied the knot surrounded by their friends and family. When they shared their beautiful photos online, the images went viral! Most of the comments from strangers were kind, but some were decidedly not. “When our wedding photos went viral, of course it was pretty cool seeing the support from people all over the world,” Mayfair said. “It was amazing, but then there was kind of that question mark that was raised in our heads like, ‘How come people are so fascinated by our story?’”

The couple realized they had a golden opportunity to educate the public about interabled couples. Determined to “myth bust” people’s misconceptions, they started a YouTube channel and began documenting their daily lives in order to normalize their relationship. Mayfair and Winston hope that sharing their day-to-day life will destigmatize interabled relationships and help people overcome biases they may not even know they have. They also want to demonstrate some much-needed diversity — not every couple looks the same, after all. The important thing is the love they share!

Soon, the lovebirds will welcome a new baby into their family! They couldn’t be more excited to start the next chapter of their lives together while showing the world it’s what’s inside that counts. “My hope for representation is that the world that our children and our grandchildren and great-grandchildren grow up in, it’s just normalized,” Mayfair said. “Like, whoever they want to be with, they can feel fully confident to step out into the world.” It’s such a pleasure to shine a spotlight on this incredible couple! They’re helping others simply by sharing their lives and stories. What a beautiful way to create a better world for everyone!

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Natasha I’ve never heard the term ‘interable’ before so that was an education for me. I wish them every success in their life together

TerrySomeday, some where, some how we will understand love, caring and fulfillment.

Smiles and hugs for all.

Debra Thank you Mayfair my daughter for your union with Winston, you both taught us how to love unconditionally, you taught us that God makes no mistake, though I am your mum but through your marriage to Winston I have learnt so much more, the beauty of life, the excellence of God and how he makes everything beautiful, day of your marriage was an emotional day for the whole family ,the whole room was filled with emotions of love and the presencr of God was visibly present , it was a different wedding , watching this over and over again brings the emotional feelings of that day , it makes me tearful . Your marriage my children is an example not only to the World but to us your parents , we have been changed inside out by experiencing your marriage, thank you for giving us this opportunity to experience thid kind of love in this life. I am praying for you my daughter and my Son Winston for the best life ahead and I want to say the best years are ahead of you and that God is watching over every step of your life and you will experience your great grand children like we are about to do.

I speak the blessing of God over you all the days of your life. I love you guys you know Love from Mum

Hazel BradfordOoh my God Winston’s vowels are so Prophetic. You actually prophesied through these vowels. It’s all happening already. Through this marriage God is glorified daily. May the good Lord, All powerful and mighty, continue to bless you guys.

Rachael I loved this so much that I watched it twice (tears). When Winston told Mayfair, “Through this marriage the world will see a glimpse of heaven” WOW!! God is truly the head of this marriage and he has opened a door no man can close. Truly a beautiful and inspiring love story

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