Couple Give Their Son To Stranger At Disneyland After He Made An ‘Odd Request’ With Teary Eyes


Every moment in life is precious, but out of all, only few of them turns into unbelievable and special ones. One fine day, Fisher family decided to go for a short outing to Disney World.

They were walking around the EPCOT and stopped at the Eiffel Tower. A couple stopped and tried to click a beautiful picture of the Fishers’ family which includes the very cute small boy, Oliver Fisher, and just like any other kid, he was joyful and non-cooperative. Finally, they were able to get a good picture.

The couple, who took their picture found them after some time with tears in their eyes.

The man, Scott introduced himself along with his wife, Sally and promised Fishers that weren’t some stalkers and had a generous request to which he started talking about his beautiful life.

Scott shared that he and Sally had a beautiful family which consist of four adorable kids. One fine day, three of their children were having fun in the park with their grandparents while their fourth child, Duke was celebrating his birthday in heaven. They added, Duke would have turned one year old on July 1, the same day on which they ran into the Fisher family. To which Sally added and expressed her emotions after seeing Oliver.

In the memory of Duke’s first birthday, they requested if they could take Oliver on a shopping spree at House Gear Gift Shop. Taylor Fisher expressed that generally it would have felt strange to allow strangers to get involved with their family and especially with Oliver, but she felt that she should allow them to do this.

Taylor Fisher wrote: “Through an act of their own generosity, I witnessed a couple begin to heal from grief and ache of (losing) something so dear. After they bought him way [too] many toys, we all stopped in the middle of the store. God’s presence was so real and we worshiped and praise him for his ultimate design, for it was only God who could have brought us together.”

Sally expressed that she had been praying for this for so long, for a closure before running into Oliver. Holding Oliver’s hand and watching him happy with the gifts, god allowed her to finally feel like she could finally move towards healing. The meeting of the two families connecting at Disney World was nothing more than a miracle.