Youth Make History With 3rd Consecutive International Debate Competition Win At Harvard. – Video


In a recent update, two Black Teens made history with three consecutive wins at the Harvard International Debate Competition conducted by the Harvard Debate Council Diversity Project (HDCDP). According to 11 Alive, the entire team has performed very well and is praised for doing an awesome job, but Christian Flournoy, the youngest male student, and Madison Webb, the first female student secured the victory.

Every year, Harvard Diversity Project takes initiative to set up a platform where young talented students are invited for a healthy debate competition. The purpose is to bring young students from diverse groups in order to strengthen the bond between them and enrich cultural and social values by promoting social interrelationships.

The program looks for candidates that have never been exposed to skills like communication, public speaking, personality enhancement, and healthy debates. Selected candidates are made to undergo rigorous 10-month training to develop a skill set required for the debate competition.

Throughout the program, students were made to adopt a persnickety approach concerning speaking in debates competition. The 10-month exhaustive program was meant for students who take a deep interest in exploring public speaking, argumentation, and censorious thinking. Besides these skills, students were also made to emphasize the ‘research’ part of debates and public speaking.

At the win of Black Teens at the debate competition, HDCDP posted the news through its official Instagram handle and cheerfully congratulated them for their accomplishments. The news was posted along with the congratulatory caption and multiple hashtags that were emphasizing on equality and acceptance of Blacks in society. During the course of the program, students including Madison and Christian studied academic debate and got the chance the compete against hundreds of future intellectuals and scholars around the world. Both Madison and Christian were confident about their win in the Harvard International Debate Competition.

They are now happy and are looking forward to multiple opportunities to contribute their part to society.

This year the program was conducted online due to the Cov-19 epidemic. The ultimate motive of the organization is to stimulate equality in education by devising opportunities for students who have been left out due to societal issues like poverty, ra-cism, lack of resources, etc. Harvard Debate Council Diversity Program (HDCDP) ensures that students from underdeveloped sections of society get an all-inclusive platform where they are exposed to the competitive academic structure. Their acquaintance with values-oriented academics will not only change their thought process towards mankind but will also ensure they become the future leaders of the world.