ICU Nurse Adopts 27-Year-Old Homeless Man With Autism To Get Him A Life-saving Heart Transplant – Video


A 57-year-old nurse, Lori Wood came to the rescue of a 27-year-old man with au-tism, when the plausibility of his survival was at its lowest point. The moment came as consternation for Jonathan Pinkard when he was knocked off the heart-transplant list. Jonathan does not meet the requirement to match the eligibility for the transplant, Lira Wood, 57, told, Today Health.

One of the requirements is that there should be someone to look after you, Lira added.

Owing to the fact that lots of people are on the stand by, the eligibility of people is evaluated before making them undergo transplant sur-gery. Authorities check whether the patient is enough capable to take responsibility for his health after the successful implementation of the transplant or do the patient has a caretaker or a close member who can take responsibility of the patient, said Anne Paschke, spokesperson of United Network for Organ Sharing, an organization which decides the eligibility of a person for receiving the life-saving organ transplants in the United States.

It is indispensable to take care of the patient after the transplant, she added.

Pinkard went through a very difficult phase when he was warded at the hospital. The hospital often used to discharge him to men’s shelter as he had no other place to go. Lira Wood, 57, when became familiar with Pinkard, and his state of affairs, decided to become his caretaker. She really wanted to help Pinkard, and thus asked him that, if she could become his legal guardian. Lira was firm in her decision and without a second thought she became the guardian of Pinkard and prevented him from being off the transplant list.

Though Pinkard and Lira were completely stranger to each other, they easily got ‘mixed’ over Football and “Family Fe-ud”. “Jonathan has his chair, and I have my chair. We spent hours sitting on them playing video games and watching shows”, Wood Commented. Pinkard is very adoring and calls me “Mama”, Wood added. Pinkard is on medications and takes around 34 pills a day. Lira monitors the medication round-the-clock, and never misses a doctor appointment.

More than the patient, she treats me like her own son, Pinkard told, Today Health. Besides looking after Pinkard’s medical treatment, Wood also helps him in improving his credit score and teaching him essential life skills that are needed for him to live a life independently, Pinkard added. Pinkard hopes to return to work as an office clerk soon in December, and he has been very thankful to Lira who had accompanied him in his difficult times.

Pinkard is au courant with the sacrifices Lira had made for her. At the same time, Lira enjoyed the company of Jonathan and promised herself that she will keep discharging her duty in the same way.