Father Gifts Daughter A House For Her 13th Birthday


Her gift will be cherished forever!

On July 4th, a day in America traditionally associated with freedom from oppression — for some — Avee-Ashanti Shabazz decided to gift his 13-year-old daughter, Ajala, with financial freedom for her birthday. He shared this achievement with social media and explained why he gave her this unique present. “Today, I gifted my daughter with a house for her 13th Birthday. This was not random, it was planned,” Shabazz said. “This marks the beginning of a family tradition where every Shabazz will be gifted a house on their 13th Birthday, and taught to build it into multiple properties before they are legal adults.”

“The door is already open,” Shabazz said while pass Ajala the keys to the home her own home.

“I don’t know anyone who had their dad, like, give them a house,” said Ajala Shabazz who turned 13 on July 4, 2020.

As we’ve previously reported, Black people continue purchasing their own homes and communities to create generational wealth. He also hopes that it will, in the process, lead to the kind of financial freedom most people dream of. According to Zillow, the online real estate marketplace, Black property ownerhip shows signs of progress, jumping 2.4 percentage points over the second half of 2019. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJALA SHABAZZ Today I gifted my daughter with a house Avee-Ashanti Shabazz addedd

“No more being trained to work 25 of your best years before you can retire and then be free to live how you choose. No more being trained to b-ury yourself in debt and spend your best years digging out of the hole,” Shabazz said in his social media post. “No more being trained to live years of mortgages and your home not being secure regardless to what life throws at you.

No more being a servant to the Banks and employers.”

As Black households grapple with a wealth gap of 54% compared to white families and the possibility of our collective wealth falling to zero by 2053, Shabazz is setting his family up for success as they grow. “Let’s put our children in a position to be free to live how they choose while they’re young and full of life,” Shabazz wrote. “Free them as best we can to live out their dreams and desires. Free them to determine for themselves the relationships they may choose to have with banks and employers. Free them so they can be what they are inclined to be.”

Ajala says she was delighted to receive the big present, but she also admits she was a little scared. “I felt like I am just a teenage, you know?” Ajala said.

“Like, people always say you’re too little to do this or do that and my dad just gave me a home when I was 13.”

However, her dad came in to give her some encouragement. Shabazz says he started teaching his kids about real estate investment two years ago and will buy them all homes when it’s time. Shabazz added that he finance about $50,000 in the house. He considers it a minor investment toward his daughter’s success and Ajala will get some landlady experience as she has decided to lend out the house. And although, she may not understand all that her father is doing right now, she knows it’s for her own good.

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Richard Why are there so many negative comments. Yes no everyone can do this but is a great idea that might help others.

We should be praising the fact that he’s teaching her at a young age. This is what we need more of developing a LEGACY and passing it on. Generational wealth can be done if one is willing to make sacrifices. I have been building for my lineage since I was working. My father taught us to save and to be home owners. He always said “they are not building anymore land, so you should own some”. Well I heard this for 50 years and I still repeat that.

Shirley WOW !! Absolutely amazing, Mr. Shabazz!! May Avee -Ashanti use your generous gift to fulfill her choices in life to her best advantage!! Success is wished for your daughter, Mr. Shabazz, because of your desire to position her, while young, to be free to enjoy life!!!

Catherine May God cover her with his blessings to make wise decisions with wisdom and understanding speaking life into your life and everything you touch in Jesus Name Amen

Crystal This is more than a beautiful gesture. Yes, his daughter may be 13 and of course will not be able to maintain the property.

The income that will generate from renting the property out alone will cover the cost of the up keep. As my son once said to me “Mom as a community we do not position our children in life” well this dad just did.

Ashley This is the true meaning of privilege and all he’s doing is teaching her you don’t have to work hard because a man will give you everything. Spoiled daddy girl