Teen Spends Weekends Throwing Birthday Parties For Homeless Children Who’ve Never Had One Before


There are a number of charitable orphanages and many homes for the homeless and homes for the aged and old age homes that have been mushrooming across the country.

These have been brought up and maintained by big business houses or big institutions or big charitable organizations. Even there are many individual persons who do charity towards the humans on a single handed basis.

We are very appreciative of such persons and hold them in very high esteem in our lives. We also try to help as much as we can for these noble causes and to these noble persons who are doing such great job.

It becomes a more noble job when the beneficiaries are small children who are ignored by the society and have to live a very under privileged life in this big world.

The children feel blessed when ever a hand comes to their help and they give blessings from their heart to the person and it is a fact that the blessings given by small children reaches the God in the heaven and are answered instantly.

Any charity that is done towards a child is reciprocated by many blessings from the child. We have come across a very special teen who is doing a lot of charity for the homeless children. She is often seen on her weekends throwing parties to celebrate the birthday of homeless children at their place with great enthusiasm and fun.

She brings a moment of enjoyment and happiness into the sad lives of the homeless children by celebrating their birthdays with them.

She does this around California through her nonprofit organization. None of the birthdays are left behind.

She has made it sure that no birthday is missed out and that every child gets his share of enjoyment and happiness through this deed of happiness.