This young woman spends her birthday with the homeless and inspires the nation


A young woman celebrated her birthday by spending the day with homeless people

The photos show the homeless enjoying the celebration as the lady arranged sweets and balloons for them. It has been trending on social media since Monday after being shared via social media.

A young woman in Cape Town celebrated her birthday by spending the day with homeless people. This was a unique way to celebrate her special day.

She even set up sweets, treats and balloons as the celebration took place on the street.

Her elder brother was so touched by his little sister’s kindness that he share the news on social media.

Although some people on social media felt the photos were in poor taste, most bailed out the young lady.

Letter from a Homeless person

Luber (@BarloNdabeni ) added, A rare Birthday Celebration… So beautiful… She is already blessed

Dawg (@tebza_wa_moisa) replied, Tell your sister we love her and may God bless her with everything her heart desires. She’s got a big heart.

Max (@RonaldoTerblan1) added, Omg bro u brought tears into my eyes right now…. y know i always get emotional whenever i see the living condition they live in .damn my heart bout to explode …i can’t wait to open Own Shelter damn bro..this is tooo much in SA.