Kind woman saw boy’s sorrow after he learned he couldn’t afford shoes, so she bought a pair for him for $180


A young woman noticed little boy’s go down when he was told by the store sales assistant that there were no basketball shoes which would fit in his budget. Tinyia Frank was at a shopping mall to buy a pair of shoes that would match her outfit that she had recently purchased. Tinyia was in Champs in Warren, Ohio where she was telling the sales assistant about her requirements.

Just at the same time a young boy asked his father if he could go and ask sales assistant a question.

Tinyia said “He asked the man if they had any basketball shoes under $75, because that’s all he had.” “He kind of lowered his head and appeared saddened to say it, not in a rude way or anything, but sad since it was all he had.” Tinyia saw how the little boy’s face saddened when the sales assistant told him that their store did not have any pair basketball footwear that would fit his bill.

That’s when Tinyia got into a friendly conversation with the little boy. She asked him that why he wanted the pair of basketball shoes.

The little boy told Tinyia his name is Jordan and he is in fifth grade. He also told Tinyia that he plays basketball and is a member of a traveling basketball team. Tinyia, herself is 19 years of age and is a college student. Tinyia is a part time worker and knows that life at Warren can be difficult for young individuals. Tinyia thought of helping Jordan and told him that he could go ahead and select a pair of basketball shoes for himself. She told him that she would purchase the shoes for him. Tinyia asked that in exchange of shoes Jordan will share a photo of himself wearing the shoes at his first basketball game.

Tinyia said “We have one of the worst rates of overdoses in the country in our city, and we have nothing for the youngsters.” “They took away our youth centers, our dance teams; nothing gets financed. So when he told me he was on the traveling squad and couldn’t afford the shoes he wanted, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him since that’s how I was raised: “If you have it, give it to people.”

Tinyia told Jordon that he could go ahead and pick one of the best basketball shoes for himself. Jordan looked around the store for half an hour to find a perfect pair of basketball shoes for himself. He decided to go for a crimson pair of LeBrons, which cost $180. Tinyia didn’t mind paying up for it.

She said “If I was going to purchase him some shoes, I wanted him to have what he loved.” “Money is just money,” says the narrator.

“That isn’t to suggest it isn’t significant. For my money, I put forth a lot of effort. [However], I’d rather forego my 15th pair of shoes and give it to a young child who plainly only had one.”

When Jordan’s dad learnt about the kindness shown by Tinyia he was overwhelmed with both surprise and tears. He thanked Tinyia and requested her to pose for photo with Jordon and his new pair of basketball shoes.

Tinyia later shared the photo on social media together with the caption

“So I’m in the mall, and a little kid walks into CHAMPS asking about basketball shoes and if they have any under $75, and the clerk says no, and the little boy’s face DROPS,”. The post further reads “So I ask the child his name and what he needs shoes for, and it turns out he’s on a basketball team and is in desperate need of new sneakers, so I told him if he emails me a photo of him during his game, I’ll buy him whatever he wants, and his father nearly collapses.

The affection and gentleness of Tinyia for the little boy not only made Jordon have pair of basketball shoes of his choice but also it has set example of love and compassion for him and many others. We are sure Jordon will remember the Tinyia’s gesture for rest of his life.