Strangers Drive For Hours To Help St. Louis Homeless Woman After Plea Goes Viral – Video


Melena Jonson has been staying on streets of St. Louis, Missouri for a period over a year. Melena has a year old baby son and has been surviving in the vacant building spaces. Elliot Davis of FOX 2 news interviewed Melina and posted the video on social media.

Melina is a homeless lady and from the time her video went viral, she has been get help from several people who are coming from far ends to offer her help. Neither she nor Elliot could guess that the video will get viral so fast and reach 2.5 M views.

In the heartb-reaking video Johnson says she has been homeless for a year now. She would stay in vacant building in nights to save herself and her child from the winter chills. However the officer has taken up the space and she now sleeps in the sidewalk.

Also the authorities do not allow her to sleep at the sidewalks. She was asked to pay fines to sleep on streets.

As Melina has no proper credentials and no phone and internet arrangements, she was denied space in homeless shelters too. With each passing day Melina’s difficulties were rising.
In her own words Melina said “I could give up, man. I’ve been running for a long time. There ain’t nowhere to go. They’re not helping me. St. Patrick’s, you have to call a hotline to get a place to stay out of the cold. Why do they need your identity, social security card or birth certificate to stay w-arm?”

Melina further said “There is nowhere to go. I have a warrant for sleeping on the sidewalk. I didn’t have anywhere else to go but the sidewalk.

He said that ‘if you come back, I’ll write you up.’ I went back to the heat and sat there to get w-arm. He wrote me a ticket. I said that before I go to j-ail for sleeping on the sidewalk, the j-ail system won’t get a dime from me. You’ll have to catch me first before I pay you for sleeping on the sidewalk,”

In his interview with Melina, Elliot asked her on how people would reach out to help her. Melina said people will find her on streets of downtown St. Louis. Once the video was out there on social media, many people came forward to help Melina. People reached out to Elliot as they could understand the pain and agony of Melina.

A kind person came forward and paid up for a week’s stay at downtown hotel and got her w-arm clothes, groceries and other necessities. A few other people also helped her with food supplies and some money. Melina also got help from people coming from different cities like Chicago, Philadelphia.

In the subsequent interviews Melina told Elliot “I never thought that people on this earth loved me in these 40-something years. It turns out to be something different. I don’t think I should think like that anymore when there is someone out there caring for me, and they don’t even know me”.

Many people shared their contact details with Elliot to offer a helping hand to Melina. While Melina’s days and night at street are not over yet, the help Melina and her son are getting is keeping her hopes alive to find a shelter.