The restaurant staff makes Mother’s Day special for a Sad Mom Eating Alone

Mother’s day is a special day for all the mother’s across the globe. However for Barbara Foy the day wasn’t going the way she expected. Barbara Foy was feeling low as she did not hear from her son on Mother’s day. To keep her spirits up, she decided to treat herself out at Ruby Tuesday restaurant at Surfside Beach, South California.

While Barbara was having her meal, the servers saw her eating the food by herself. The servers and Lauren Nave the general Manager said they were heartb-roken when they realized that Foy was feeling lonely. Nave said “I think we were all almost in tears by the end of the story. We wanted to make sure that she knew how special she was on mother’s Day.”

Lauren and the servers decided that they she should surprise Barbara and make her day. The three servers and Lauren were quick enough to come up with a perfect mother’s day plan for Foy. They all teamed up and arranged a beautiful basket filled with good-ies.
Barbara was in for a surprise when she came to know her lunch was paid and a random customer even came up to her to present her a rose.

Foy was moved by the love and kindness showered on her by the three servers Christina Smith, Mariah Brown and Kabria Hasty. Foy said “I really felt like I was a queen for a day… mother for a day!” The courtesy and kindness shown to Barbara by Ruby Tuesday team will remain for years to come as she will cherish the moments she spent with the team.

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