7-Year-Old Boy Celebrates Thanksgiving Morning By Distributing McDonald’s To Homeless People – Video


What could be more than a happy surprise for homeless people in Sacramento on Thanksgiving day. A young little boy thought of this sweet gesture to bring smile on the faces of these people.

The 7 year old Kendrick Brown was together with his family on Thanksgiving Day and that’s when he decided to share the joy with the homeless people in the street. Kendrick along with his family served people and made sure that these groups felt the love and affection.

The little boy wanted to see a smile on their faces and that’s when his family got hamburgers. Kendrick gave the hamburgers to these homeless people so that they could experience the love and happiness of the Thanksgiving Day.

The little young boy’s father has taught his kids the importance of helping and about caring for everyone. He wants that his kids should know that there are some people who do not have all the means of life. He wants his kids to care and reach out the homeless with compassion and love.