Rent-A-Car Employee’s Act Of Kindness For Mom Of Twins Goes Viral -Video


A mother of twins, Coty Vincent was at Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Tulsa to fill up the paperwork after a h-it-and-run a-ccident. Coty from Oklahoma was all praises for a car rental agent as he went above and beyond his call of duty to help her out.While trying fill up the paperwork, Coty was unable to hold her 11 month old twins, Holt and Levi.

Coty was not having a double stroller either. This is when John Goodleft came over to help her. John held one of her babies while she filled up the paperwork.

Coty posted on social media “While he helped me with my rental due to a h-it and run a-ccident, he held one of my twin sons as I don’t have a double stroller.” One of the most compassionate and caring people I’ve ever met.

We need more people like John who go that extra step. Be a John.’ The post immediately got more than 190,000 likes and 21,000 shares in a matter few days. Goodleft was amazed to see the post. Goodleft too has a twin sister who apparently is his best friend. Goodleft told Babble ‘I’ve never had this much attention, especially for just doing my job,’.

‘I was a college athlete so I try to take the hard work it took on the football field and apply it in the branch — and it’s really motivating to see people like who I am and what I do.’
After Vincent’s post, Enterprise officials decided to send a double stroller to her so that she can take both twins together comfortably. The Enterprise officials also decided to award Goodleft for his extraordinary customer service.

Coty’s viral post further read “It’s such a small act that’s touched so many people’s lives. What John did for me, and I’m sure what he’s done for many others, has just made a better day.” “It could be something as simple as offering lemonade at your local park, buying a hotel room for a homeless man for a night or opening a door for somebody” she further added. “I think this world would be a much better place with small acts of kindness that go so far.”