50-year Old Deaf Mom With 2 Kids Graduates From College A Year Early – Video


Michele Randolph is a true definition of a f-ighter and is inspiring people how they can overcome challenge after challenge with determination. Michele Randolph, aged 50, a hearing-impaired and a mother of two children graduated from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, despite various challenges in her path. 

Michele Randolph said in an interview with ABC 11 News, “I worked really hard for this; I worked really hard. I basically raised both of my children while deaf. My oldest one had to grow up fast; she basically did all the doctor phone calls, everything for mommy.” Michele Randolph was born legally deaf. By middle school, when she was 12-year-old heard a pop sound, since then, she lost her ability to hear anything. But it didn’t stop her from living a normal life, instead, she pressed ahead. She got married and now has two children as well. 

Randolph said, “I remember what it felt like when my ears just popped and just were gone.”Randolph’s youngest daughter was prematurely born and she had autism, cerebral palsy and severe brain i-njury. She said and her daughter was an inspiration for her to get through the challenges and complete her schooling. 

Randolph said, “Raising her was easy because she was my child. She helped me through a lot. She helped me through the last two years of schooling because by seeing her I knew that I could do this.” In 1989, she first stepped foot on the UNCC campus and went through all the classes without any assistance of recourses for disable students. In 1995, she graduated 1995 with a degree in C-riminal Justice and P-olitical Science minor. 

She raised her two daughters to own her own, while being deaf, she was heavily dependent on her first daughter in taking phone calls and booking appointments with doctors. In 2019, Randolph has an opportunity and become a candidate to go for a cochlear implant and hear her children’s voices for the first time. 

Randolph said, “When they activated me and I could hear their voices, I was amazed that how I imagined them to talk was actually how they spoke. It was just amazing. It was like a lightbulb clicked for me, and I knew then there was nothing, nothing anymore that I could not do.”

But life still has many challenges ahead for her. Randolph lost her grandmother and after a couple of months, she lost her husband as well. Shortly after this, she was f-ighting for her own life because of emergency abscission for repairing her gallbladder operation, which was gone wrong. 

Randolph said, “I wanted to give up a lot. I really wanted to just stop going to school.” But Randolph didn’t give up. Instead, she gathered up her courage and put in more effort. Her family supported her desire and decision to return to the classroom in 2018 when she was 47 years old. She completed her school a year ahead of the schedule and finally received her degree at the age of 50. Randolph said, “Sunshine after the rain: It felt good to be able to hear my name called.”