After her car is impounded, single mom of four is helped by cop and gets back on her feet – Video


Being a mother is hard and it becomes harder if you are a single mother. And a being is a single mother to four children while handing different kinds of jobs along with the health issues is much more gruesome. This is a story of a single mother, Ebony Rhodes who has four children and was living with them in a car.

One day, she was stopped by a po-liceman and her car was taken off by him. It looked like she had h-it the rock bottom and would not be able to recover from her gruesome condition. But in reality, the po-liceman was a blessing in disguise which she could not even think about.

Living like this in a car with her four children, the mother Ebony Rhodes feels guilty rather than feeling annoyed and angry, but she never complained.

While working in the supermarket, she use to feel guilty seeing her co-workers and customers. She knew that at the end of the day, all of them would go to their homes, and spend their nights safely and comfy, while she had to go back to gather her four kids and spend the night again in her car.

It’s been a while now, that she is living like this in the car. The previous year, she was not able to pay the deposit of her apartment, therefore, she was forced to live in her house along with her four children. Now she lives in her car, a 1997, Buick Regal from past 6 months. Ebony does want her children to experience childhood, but living in the car is the only solution for her. The whole family fitting in a small car is far from her ideal, but still better than the alternative.

She has looked for several shelters, but none of them wants to take in the whole family like hers. So, it’s better to live in a small car, rather than getting divide. She does not have the heart to divide her family and never wants to do so.

Living in the car for such a big family is quite challenging. Her children are of school age, which makes it harder to live like this in the car. She even finds it hard to look for safe places at night for overnight parking, so her kids often end up missing school the next morning. Sometimes, she could not even sleep at night, as she has to look for her younger one. She has to keep up the whole night and keep looking to make sure nothing bad would happen and even look for any suspicious movement. She wants to apologize to her children and wants them to know that she feels sorry for making them live like this.

Even in these difficult circumstances, Ebony is still trying her best to maintain and live a healthy family and provide a growing environment for her children. She is trying to make sure that her children would receive the education that is needed for them. One day, as usual, she was driving the kids to the library, so they can study for their final examination when that day has completely changed her life. She was pulled over by a officer for having an ex-pired tag on her car. As soon as the po-liceman approached her and the vehicle, she started crying, saying she is now guiltier for having no good license.

At this moment, she h-its the rock bottom, she was already trying her best with the little resources she had, and now that would also be taken off from her. The officer impounded the car and seize her. She was bought to the po-lice station, sitting in the lock-up, the children were picked up by her co-worker. Then her sister came from another state to get the children. The story of Ebony and her four children spread to the local department and also reached the ears of Deputy Chief Jeff Glazier. Deputy Chief Jeff Glazier was touched by the condition and story of Ebony and said, “We have to do something about this.”

Deputy Chief Jeff Glazier has been in his career for the past 25 years and has met a lot of people and made a huge network. Networking is very important nowadays, but now it has proved to be a life-changing asset for Ebony. Deputy Chief Jeff Glazier remembered that previously he had met a director of a homeless shelter.

He dialed the number, expecting to reach him if he was lucky. Luckily, he was able to reach the director and explained the whole situation of Ebony, to him. It was a family of five people, 1 mother, 1 girl, and three boys, the eldest kid is 17 years old.

It was wintertime, and in winter, it has a slim chance of getting shelter, even for one person, much less for a huge family like this of 5 people. But Deputy Chief Jeff Glazier still took the chance, fortunately, the director said that he can accommodate the whole family. Deputy Chief Jeff Glazier said, “I could not believe it”. As soon as Ebony heard this she started crying as she was not able to get the shelter for so long for her entire family, as no one was accepting them. But now she would have a roof over her children’s heads and they would not be separated as well.

Deputy Chief Jeff Glazier didn’t stop here and wants to help Ebony more. He could see that Ebony has been trying to do the right things and providing shelter is a short-term solution. She has a great work ethic and trying to earn money for her family.

After living in the shelter for several months, Ebony was able to save enough of her hard-earned money to move to an apartment. But life was not as easy as it seems, Ebony and her three children were suffering from chronic health problems, and therefore, the health centre bills were draining the family’s savings. Her youngest daughter Danniaja, aged 12 is partially blind in one eye and even has Lupus. Her middle son has suffered from burns while playing near the campfire. Since the savings were finished, they again have to be homeless. At that time, Deputy Chief Jeff Glazier again came to rescue the family.

He was aware of the health condition of the family.

So, he went ahead and create a “safety net” for the family. He created a fund, “Gofundme donations” for the family on the count for people’s generosity to cover their rent, medicine, food and other expenses. With the help of the donations, the family now could live in a home. The family is not safe and can study. Recently, the family even shared happy news, that the eldest son, Calvin has graduated from high school with honors. He has even received, “Against The Odds Award” and is now enrolled in Georgia State University. He is also working as a part-timer in the senior care facility and is planning to study engineering. Jaheame, who was burned because of the campfire is now making a steady recovery and Ebony has also undergone the sur-gery a few months ago and is now working as a full-timer.