Home Sweet Home: How one man changed the lives of 50 foster teens – Video


The life of teen living in the foster care is not always easy. Only if they are lucky, they get parents who support them and give them a lovable home. Guy Bryant is being a foster parent from past 12 years and has fostered approximately 50 teens till now. Now, many of them are reaching out to him to thank him for taking care of them with full love.

They said, “Meeting Guy was like, ‘All right, there is someone out there, there is still more to gain than to just shut the world off.”

In the New York City’s foster care system some teens named, Ro, Sha, Gregory, and Dior has to be placed in several homes, before they could finally get a place, which they can call their home. And it was all thanks to Guy. Gregory said in interview, “Guy basically opened his doors for me when I needed it most.” In Brooklyn, New York, Guy Bryant has been fostering teens from past 12 years.

He has above and beyond every means to help these kids to find their home. Guy Bryant said in the interview, “I have seen the worse, I have seen kids that come in and they had no place to live.”

He added, “Good Morning America, Friday, I had a good home. I lived well and my family. We were a family and I think everybody should have family.” Guy Bryant works for New York City’s Administration for Children Services and has helped many teens and provided them home. He realized that in the foster care system, it was hardest to find homes to the older kids and place them. Everyone wants to take babies home as they are cuddly and cute. In U.S approximately 450,000 children live in foster care and out of which 100,000 are the teenagers.

Guy Bryant said, “They go from place to place, so they’re raised by a whole bunch of different people and they have a whole bunch of different values. People don’t want the problems with somebody who is that age. Everyone wants the babies. They’re cute. They’re cuddly.” Shallah Dawson who has recently moved in with Guy said that he have issues with the rules and the way they are structured in the previous foster care homes he was in. He said, “I was in homes where the fridge was locked. I couldn’t eat when I wanted to.” But now in Guy’s home, Shallah is most grateful to the kitchen. He said, “Here we have our own space and we can create our own type of family.”

Just like Shallah Dawson, Gregory has to bounce from various foster home until he met Guy. He says that Guy gives him home and make him feel like he is living in his own home.

Now when he has been enrolled in the college, gives all the credit to Guy. He said, “Meeting Guy was like, ‘All right, there is someone out there, there is still more to gain than to just shut the world off.” Guy said in the interview with GMA, “They know I love them, I tell them all the time. It’s important because some of them have never heard that.”

Romario “Ro” Bassell, Guy’s another foster son said, “We have a strong relationship. I see everything he does is out of love.” And many of his other foster kids agreed to this. The kids surprised Guy by saying “Thank You” to him on GMA. Guy said, “You never know what you have to offer until that child comes into your home.” Guy said that it was humbling for him to be a parent to so many foster kids.

He feels like that he has filled a need of parent in the system. He said anyone can do this like the way he did, if they do it in the right way.