What a Kind Sole! Young Boy Gives Homeless Man the Shoes Off His Feet – Video


A 14-year-old boy, LaRon Tunstill, Louisville Kentucky, gave his shoes off his feet to a homeless man. WDRB, a TV station in Louisville affiliated with Fox reported that LaRon Tunstill, nickname Ron Ron, took the new sneakers off his feet and gave them to a homeless man, he met on street after having a conversation with him.

The teen was volunteering with the community group, PURP ME, and was handing out food to the homeless people. PURP ME is a local non-profit organization that encourages people and facilitated acts of kindness on Labor Day.

When he saw a homeless man with completely worn-out shoes. LaRon Tunstill approached him, sat next to him and started talking with him. LaRon Tunstill said in an interview with CNN said, “You could tell like he’s been hurt so many times.” He said, “We were just talking about his life.

He didn’t have any friends. He didn’t have nobody. He was just poor and stuff so you know I couldn’t just let him walk aside like that.” After few minutes of talking with him, he took off his brand-new Nike Sneakers and handed them over to the man. He said, “He didn’t want to take the shoes at first but I told him take them because that’s what God wanted me to do. His story made me cry so I just gave my shoes to him just to make him happy.”

The founder of PURP ME, Jason Reynolds aged 30, said, “The soles of shoes were completely gone and his toes were literally touching the ground.” Jason took a picture of this kind and sweet moment and posted it on the social media page of the organization PURP ME.

The image went viral in a few minutes and received 8000 shares and 12,000 likes. Jason said that LaRon Tunstill has been working with them for the past 3 years and has come along a long way. When he came to the organization, he was a wild kid and grew up in a rough area, when people use to get sh-ot all the time.

Over the past three years, he is watching the teens grow into a fine young man. Jason said, “The streets affected him a little and at one point he was struggling more being disrespectful. Now, three years later, he is finally coming around. He is going around and spreading love and trying to help others spread love. Now, he’s the one mentoring other kids.” LaRon Tunstill said that he was just doing the right thing. Later the group created a fund GoFundME intending to reach $5000.

Within 24 hours, the group received a donation of $690. Jason said that the money would be used to buy new shoes for LaRon Tunstill and also a bus which would help the kids like LaRon Tunstill to outreach more homeless and needy people in the community. LaRon Tunstill said that the experience has changed him and his heart is telling the homeless man “he do gotta family”. Jason said, “We may not have much ourselves, but we do the best with what we got. We just want to start a movement of people loving and uplifting one another.”