‘Yessssss Cut And Color!’: Fans React As Meagan Good Slays In New Honey Blonde Bob – Video


Meagan Good has her fans raving about her breathtaking and versatile beauty. Recently, Meagan Good posted 2 videos on her Instagram page, showing her latest color and cut, a honey blond asymmetrical bob, falling to her jaw and highlighting her beautiful facial structure. 

Along with her new hairdo, she’s also rocking with some shimmery pinkish-copper eyeshadows, and muted dark-tone nude lipstick, blonde white lace gown and a sweetheart neckline, which shows her flawless skin in both the videos. 

Although the actress didn’t mention the special occasion she is posting it for, but the dress, in particular, was giving bridal vibes. Is it for a new role? Meagan Good has 6.4 million followers on Instagram, who left comments on her posts commenting like:

“Oh my gahhhhhhh ” 

“Sis…. WHY ARE YOU THIS FINE?!! Or as Shakespeare said ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate…’ ?”

“Yessss!!!! Cut and color”

and “Omggg sooo BEAUTIFUL!”

Meagan Good has been in the industry for the past three decades, she earned her first acting credit in 1991 when she was only 10 years old. Meagan Good is well known for her ability to slay any hairstyle. Her beauty is well recognized as her being an actress. From curls and press to bobs, braids to bangs weaves to pixie cuts and more, she could say any hairstyle. Her star career especially in Hollywood has paved a way for her to highlight the range of beauty a Black woman can have.

In the past, Meagan Good has opened up about various struggles she has endured related to beauty. Over time, the complexion of the actress has changed, it was possibly because of bleaching. She addressed various speculations on various occasions. In December 2020, in an interview, she got emotional and reiterated that she had been using various products on her skin suggested by some unlicensed aesthetician and later at one point she has to tackle some skin problems as well. Later after a few months, she was five shades lighter than her actual skin color. 

Meagan Good said, “A few months later, I’m like five shades lighter than I actually am. It was a really t-raumatic experience because I really trusted the person and I kept asking her through the process, is that what needs to happen.” And she replied, “Oh! it will lift.

It’s coming back.”

She added, “I think it was probably the most shame I had felt in a long time.”

However, about her hair, the star said that about last month, in Hollywood there was a lack of accountability, regarding the sets. They have hairstylists who know how to style and fit the black hair. She said, “If you didn’t know, The Intruder actress also has various headwraps for women like her, who often can’t be bothered to fuss over their hair all the time.”

Meagan Good said in the interview that her view about beauty has evolved over the years. This year she has turned 40 and the actress is now looking forward to embracing motherhood and is now focusing on having optimal health, as the husband Devon Franklin and wife Meagan Good are planning to expand their family.

She said, “You suddenly become more aware of your health and wellness — now, it’s all I think about. I need my body to take me where I want it to go, but I’m in a really peaceful place right now: spiritually, emotionally, physically. It’s just a really wonderful time in life.”

She added that when she was 35, she started to change her mindset. She said, “That’s when I was like, ‘I have a choice about which way I want this to go.’”The actress also shared about how she retains her beauty and learned that micellar water can be used to keep the face flawless and blemish-free.

The olive oil is her favorite beauty trick for keeping her skin soft and smooth.