This 4-year-old Honorary Librarian Has To Be The Cutest And Most Well Read Kid Ever – Video


A 4-year old girl, Daliyah Marie Arana has big goals in her life. At this age, when most of the children just start reading the books, Daliyah Marie Arana has already read more than 1000 books and is now working towards completing her mission to read 99,000 more books. She lives in Gainesville, Georgia with her parents. 

When Daliyah Marie Arana was born, her parents understood her love for books and helped her. Her first book was a picture book named “Ann’s Big Muffin”. Her mother, Haleema started reading books to her and even enrolled her in a reading program known as 1000 Books B4 Kindergarten. It is a program for promoting young kids to read books.

When Daliyah was 2 years old, she joined the program through Georgia Public Library and completed the program in October. When being asked, what she wants to become after growing up, her answer was of course being a Librarian.

Carla Hayden was the first woman and African American Librarian of Congress. In 2016, she was sworn in as the 14th Librarian of Congress. Daliyah’s quest for books and knowledge provided her an opportunity to spend the day with Carla Hayden at the world’s largest library in the US. 

Daliyah likes to check out books daily and there she served as the “Librarian For The Day” for Hayden. It is an extraordinary way to empower and encourage the next generation. Who knows, Daliyah would be the future Librarian of Congress.

Carla Hayden, posted on her Instagram page, “It was fun to have 4-year-old Daliyah Marie Arana of Gainesville, GA as ‘Librarian For The Day’.

She’s already read more than a 1,000 books.”

The duo sat in on the meetings and met with the staff at the library. They even roamed through the halls of the library. 

She has even started to suggest adding whiteboards to the library to the walls so that the children can practice their writing. To which the officials replied that they were considering it already.

Haleema said, “She just kept saying how the Library of Congress is her most favourite, Favorite, favorite library in the whole wide world.”

The Library of Congress is now planning to invite young readers and book lovers to their library in the future as “Librarians For The Day”.