How Actress Meagan Good Shifted Her Perspective on Aging

Recently on 8th August this year, actress Megan good turned 40. In her interview, the star shares how she has embraced aging and she wants other women too to embrace aging.
Turning forty took a self awareness toll on the actress and she felt that this awareness was her betterment. Megan feels she is more aware and conscious about her heath.

She says “You suddenly become more aware of your health and wellness-now that’s all I think about. I need my body to take me where I want it to go, but I’m in a really peaceful place right now: spiritually, emotionally, physically. It’s just a really wonderful time in life”.

On The Health Side

Megan has been heath freak and for her the priorities change as one grows older.

In the interview Megan says “Your health priorities change as you get older-that’s especially true for me, since I haven’t had kids yet… and we’ve been talking about doing that this year. A lot of conversation was, OK, what d I need to be changing because my body is changing, and I need to make sure that I’m in the proper health to do what I want to do.” For Megan it’s not just about the work or planning for a baby. For her, it’s about taking care of her entire well being. She explains “Part of that is motherhood, part of that is doing more action movies, part of that is being someone who advocates for health – not just physically, but your mind, your body, your spirit. All of these things have been increasingly more important to me in this past year.”

On her Body & Skin

Megan who has swamped the world with her stunning looks has a new found a new code for longevity. Her concept, “less is more”. Megan says “I definitely can feel my body changing! I feel more aches, I feel more tired, I feel the difference if I get six hours of sleep versus eight. All of that is on my radar. Then, you start to realize that you aren’t invincible—you have to take all of this wellness stuff into mind with how you treat your body, because you only get one body for the rest of your life. That applies to skin care, too. You only get one face for the rest of your life.”

The Change

The shift in Megan’s approach was not overnight. Megan was always excited to embrace the aging even when she was just 16 years of age.

The change in her came while she was reaching 35. Megan says “I really started shifting my thinking when I was turning 35. That’s when I was like, ‘I have a choice about which way I want this to go.’ That’s when I got mindful about working out and started doing it four to five times a week—I really made it part of my life. Of course, I go on and off. It’s not a constant; I have seasons.”

Mental Health

To keep up with the stress and mental well being, especially with pand-emic taking a toll on everyone, Megan has taken a proactive approach. She explains “During the pa-ndemic, I took a good look “under the hood.” I’m trying to be more proactive, rather than reactive, about my mental health, overall.

My husband and I decided to start therapy to be proactive about keeping our marriage healthy. After starting therapy I realized a lot of things that I went through when I was younger really needed a good look, mainly to see how they produce certain behaviors. Behaviors reflect how we take care of ourselves now, and pretty much everything else; I’ve learned it’s all connected.”

Discovering the Purpose

Pan-demic has not just brought in health concerns as priority but also brought a internal realization for Megan. “Last year really opened many of our eyes to being more intentional and thinking about what we want out of life, what’s our purpose and why we are here. That’s heavy, but it’s as simple as implementing what we need to do to reach our full potential.

In the spring I decided to stop drinking. I love to have my wine at night, but I haven’t drank since April 25. Now, I’m making green juices. I also decided that I was going to work out more, so I rented a treadmill and I watch what I want to watch or I listen to audio books. Then I just take time to pray and meditate and read my Bible and be intentional. All of those tiny things, plus therapy, have been life-shifting.”

New found Love – Oils

While working on Netflix movie with Dave Franco, Dave told Megan about a product line. This Onerta by Biba, Dave’s wife Alison Brie had got that on him. Megan says she has been using that when she gets home.

She first uses face wipes to wipe and clean her face and the Micellar Water from Onerta. This has helped her to get a clear skin. She further adds “Using it is one of the small things I really look forward to.” Megan has also started using oils as “Yasmine” the young woman, who’s been doing massages for her told that her family has always used olive oil on their bodies, on their chest, on their b-tt, on their stomach, and on their bodies to tighten their skin. Megan says “so I bought raw olive oil. I’ve been doing that, and it’s been working. It’s amazing.”


How Actress Meagan Good Shifted Her Perspective on Aging

Recently on 8th August this year, actress Megan good...

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