Teen Thinks Neighbor Knocking On His Door To Call Him Out For Loud Noise But Hands Him A Card Instead – Video


Anthony, a basketball player, when saw that a man whom he has barely ever seen before, came up to him and asked him to play basketball with him, he thought that the loud voice of the man is his subtle way of saying. For Anthony, basketball is a way of passing time, as other people have their hobby of watching shows, playing video games, that they love to do in their free time.

Anthony Muobike is a kid from Edmonton Canada who recently gained some attention. He loves to play basketball in his free time and as soon as he has free time, he is outside sh-ooting hoops. He would go out and start dribbling for hours at a time. Though he didn’t have a basketball hoop, he would just grab the ball, go outside, and dribble around his street and driveway, but he was not able to sh-oot the ball at anything.

Soon, his neighbors started noticing him. When one day one of his neighbors came up to him and asked if he likes to play basketball. His response was obviously yes. The neighbor was Ian Ray and he has seen Anthony Muobike playing basketball and dribbling without the hoop many times, so he decided to ask him about it.

At first, the boy thought that the neighbor is annoyed by his dribbling and was worried that he has upset someone. But in reality, Ian Ray was not upset, he just has an idea for the young boy. He wants to do something for the young boy, so he went ahead and made a post on his social media, which soon became viral. He said, “This kid lives in our community and is outside playing dribbling his basketball, when he’s not dribbling he’s watching siblings or walking his dog.

He is such a good kid and I would love if anyone has a basketball net they are not using or willing to part with, so this kid has a loop to sh-oot at. Thanks, and have a great day fellow Northsiders.” The post soon went viral and people started donating brand new loop to Anthony. The donations started coming in and soon Ian was able to present a brand-new loop to Anthony.

For Anthony, it was like a dream come true.

The two started building hoops together and soon Anthony take his first sh-ot. Since the donations were much more than they need for the single hoop, the rest of the donations went to the gift cards for the kids who need other outdoor sports supplies. Anthony’s passion for basketball has not only helped him but also other people who are passionate about their games but could not afford them.