Lady takes in 3 teen foster boys to give them the home they never had – Video


The teens who age out of foster care think that no one would want them, and they would never have a family. The 3 teen foster boys thought the same way until they met the person, their future foster parent, who would always want them. However, deciding to be a foster parent is not easy, and it becomes more challenging if it was a foster parent of a teen, not to mention 3 teens at the same time.

It takes a huge amount of courage and a big heart to take such a decision and foster the children, who are not your biological children. 

Adopting children need everything, and when people decide to adopt children, most of them want to adopt young children or even babies. That leaves the countless number of older children and teens that they are left out and would be the last option for pick, and it’s not a good feeling to have.

One such story has gone viral on social media and received 1.3 million views, when a woman, named Sharon, felt a special calling and helped the kids in foster care. 

Shantell, a young man said that in the foster care system, as the kids grow older, they start believing that no one would take them. Most people like to take toddlers and infants. But in reality, there are many older children and teens who want to have a home and a real family. 

Chris, the second young man said, that for a long time, he had been feeling uncomfortable leaving in a foster home that wasn’t working out.

He wants to tell his social worker that the foster home is not a good fit for him and he was extremely sad and it was becoming difficult for him. 

Then, Sharon, a loving woman came into their lives. She was drawn towards both the boys, Shantell and Chris and had strong compassion and empathy for the boys, when she came to know what they have gone through in their lives. 

Sharon decided not to foster the teens but to adopt them. 

She was determined to teach acceptance and love to the teens.

She said that she wanted to show the teens what it was like to have a real family and live with them. Sharon was completely dedicated to change the lives of the teens.

Shantell admitted that he gave a hard time to his adoptive mother Sharon. When they start facing problems living together, Shantell’s first response was to flee from the house, but it was Sharon who calmly walk him through all the problems. Shantell shared his experience and said, it makes all the difference when you have someone who is understanding and patient. In the past, Shantell used to be an angry child, but now he has realized that his adoptive mother Sharon truly loves him.

On the other hand, Chris, the second young teen, also had a difficult time trusting her, but over time, he also realized that Sharon’s love for them was unconditional. Even when things are not going in their way, she was concentrating on their future and lives.

Later, Sharon adopted another teen named Lex. Lex admitted that at first, he hated her, but when he saw, she is supporting him but attending all his games, he realized her love as well.