Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson Gifts $30k Truck To Friend Who Took Him In When He Was A Homeless Teenager – Video


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson gifts $30k TRUCK to friend who took him in when he was a homeless teenager.

Recently on the sets of “Young Rock” Dwayne Johnson, better known as “THE Rock” of WWE fame reunited with Bruno Lauer. In a touching moment, Rock gave Bruno Lauer, better known as rings name as Downtown Bruno, a truck. 

Bruno had helped the “The Rock” in his young days. Rock’s life in his teens was full of twists and turns. Rock recalls that he and his mom were evicted off the island of Hawaii and that’s when Rock’s mom sent him to Nashville, Tennessee to stay with his dad. 

However when Rock went to Nashville, his father was not there to meet him at the airport. Instead Bruno was there. Rock recalls when he was in a trajectory of road he was going down. He said God has his own ways and the universe has always right people to come in his life, Bruno could have refused to take the responsibility of taking the punk kid with him. Instead of refusing, Bruno took Rock with him and they stayed together in a tiny room in Alamo Plaza motel. That’s when Rock and Bruno became friends for life. 

Bruno even gave his last $40 to help Rock. Rock says “when I was 15yrs old, Bruno even gave me his last $40 bucks so I could hustle a crackhead out of his car one night at a honky tonk in Nashville”.

Years later when Rock gained the name and fame, he invited his friend Bruno to his comedy show “Young Rock”. Rock presented Bruno a brand new truck for all the help and care Bruno gave to Rock in teenage days. 

Rock posted the video of his reunion and explained how Bruno helped him all through his life by providing him space to stay and lend money to him so that he could buy his first car. 

Rock Thanks Bruno

The wrestler turned actor recalls the impact that Bruno had on his life. To express his love and gratitude, Rock gave Bruno a truck to thank him in the most special way. 

Rock gifted Bruno the all new Ford F150 truck. Bruno was in for huge surprise. Rock said “Merry Christmas, Bruno and since you helped me “buy” my first car – I figured I could return the favor and buy you one that 100% does not have a crackhead in the back seat. I love you brother.” He further said “Your kindness and heart – helped change my life’s trajectory.”

When Bruno sees the new Ford truck, he is filled with emotions and is in tears. He said “Nobody’s ever done anything like this for me before.” He further says “I love you man. Not’ cause of this, cause of  who you are…Thank you, Lord Jesus, for putting you in my life.” 

Rock further tells Bruno that he will get the truck shipped to Bruno’s home in Walls, Mississippi. Rock also says to Bruno “And when you’re ready to retire from “the business” you just say the word. I got you covered. We’ll go “downtown”. Enjoy And when your new ride and give Walls, Mississippi my love and gratitude.”