Child Found Wandering Around Is Comforted By Kind Officer


For James Hurst, helping people out is a part of his duty. James is a kind hearted and diligent officer and lives in Savannah, Georgia. A heartwarming photo James went viral where he is seen comforting a toddler.  The photograph that gained so a huge attention, shows a rookie officer cradling a toddler in his arms as the child awaits to get examined.

A small little toddler who was just 16 months old was found alone in the cold streets in month of May, 2016.  Some passer bys called on to help the child. James came to rescue to the child and together with other officers he took him to the nursing care to get him examined. 

When the child was getting examined, he started crying as probably got scared.

James took the child and comforted him and stayed by his side. James said that although the nursing care staffs were taking good care of the little boy, the child got scared and started crying.  James told KTLA5 “I just knew this child needed somebody to be there for him. It was just human instinct humanity. The nursing care staff was taking great care of him [but] he was sobbing and crying. I picked him up and within minutes he was asleep on my chest.”

This gentle move of James was captured in camera and was posted on social media page of the officer department. The picture was viewed by over 10,000 people and went viral. People were touched by James’s act of kindness. For James, he was just doing what he felt was right and didn’t think he did anything special.

James told to WSAV 3 “It’s what we do, every single day, not just me, but the 600 officers that are on this department.” According to officer, the little toddler was safe and in sound health and was turned over to social services.  

People have been praising James Hurst and an admirer posted “Out of the countless times I have seen Officer Hurst out on the streets, every single time he has gone above and beyond his line of duty. If any of you get the opportunity to meet him please shake his hand, he’s … a deserving soul.”