Couple Ties the Knot at Penn. Hospital So Groom’s Mother Can Attend: ‘It Meant Everything’ – Video


The groom Chaz Wilburn said in the interview, after being able to have his mother in his marriage watching him, “I’m still on an emotional high.”Recently a couple, Chaz Wilburn, the groom and Amanda Wilburn, the bride get married in the presence of the groom’s mother Ajeana Schuler, inside a Pennsylvania Nursing home, so that the groom’s mother who was ba-ttling the illness, can watch her son getting married. 

Chaz Wilburn said that he still cannot believe, how everything was so perfect on 2nd October at his wedding at UPMC St. Margaret nursing home in Pittsburgh. Chaz and his wife Amanda thanked the nursing home staff, for letting them get married and have a romantic ceremony inside the nursing home’s chapel, so that the groom’s mother, Ajeana Schuler could watch them from her Nursing home bed.

Chaz, aged 39 years said, “They turned a nightmare into a dream, but it really was more than a dream. I was literally speechless for one of the first times in my life. I’m still on an emotional high. There’s not a lot of words that I could say to describe this feeling. I’m just glad that there are people who are still good in this world. I’m truly blessed.”

A few months before their wedding, Chaz was admitted to the nursing home, ba-ttling congestive heart failure. There is spend 38 days over the summer, and while he was there, his mom was admitted to St. Margaret because of a lengthy illness. The marriage date was originally set to January, but seeing the condition of his mother, they decided to not wait until January and get married now and in her room so she could also attend the marriage. 

The couple then proposed the idea to the nursing home staff, and they agreed to it. Soon a team of employees jumped into action and make everything happen so perfectly. They did everything from ordering the champagne glasses for the bride and groom and styling Ajeana Schuler’s hair, per the outlet. 

The bride, Amanda Wilburn, aged 35, said to CBS, “Chaz is very seldomly speechless and whenever Baliegh called, that was the social worker that put the whole plan in motion, he was stuttering and stumbling, it was so funny.

It was just a social worker, she asked, she pa-ssed the question along and it turned into this big amazing thing.”

When the day came, both the groom and bride dressed to the nines. Amanda Wilburn was wearing a red lace gown, while Chaz Wilburn was wearing a velvet red jacket with floral lapels. The groom’s mother Ajeana Schuler was also dressed up in a red lace shirt, matching the couple. For officiating the wedding, the couple called Pastor Jerry Jefferson, who was also Chaz’s friend. The couple said, “It couldn’t have been better.”

Amanda Wilburn said, “Our day turned out beautiful. It was so perfect, we couldn’t have planned it to be any better. So many small acts from great people were weaved together just for love. Everything about that day and everyone involved in our day was amazing.”

Chaz said, “They went above and beyond.

Just my mom being present, let alone being all dressed up, it meant everything.” Currently, Chaz’s mom cannot communicate through words, but happiness can be seen on her face, over how she was able to attend her son’s wedding. 

Amanda said, “They got her hair done and wheeled her down and moved the chapel around so it was easy for them to get her in there. It was just so perfect. It has been amazing, more amazing than I could have thought it would be.”Chaz said, “Honestly, it feels like we’re living right.”Now the couple is happily married and is enjoying their new life. They hope to remind people about all the good things, exist in this world.