25 Awesome Teachers That Decorated Their Classroom Doors For Black History Month – Video


Just like every year, this year too, teachers have decked up their classroom doors with iconic figures from past till today. The Black history month is celebrated every year in United States since 1926. Later the black history month started in Canada. More recently it is also being celebrated in Ireland and United Kingdom. The month commemorates the achievements and accomplishments of black people all through the years.

From Simone Biles in sports to Barack Obama in politics, each of them has made a name for themselves. 

Below here are fabulous creations made with paper, glue and fabrics to highlight the black legends from the years gone by and till date. Scroll down and check out your favorite pick from the wonderful people and beautiful designs:

1. The V Neck Line has all the Generations of Black Americans

2. The mood is all set for Holiday

3. Stylish off-shoulder with history of Black all over it

4. Time to connect with your roots

5. The inspiration is right behind her

6. Their story is all over the door

7. Roses, piano, music, lyrics, all in one symphony 

8. The in depth history is too vast

9. Be Brave, Be Ruby Bridges

10. The past, the present and the future, the source of strength

11. When they made news, they appeared in news

12. Fashion, glamour and youth icon

13. The soul looks back and wonders

14. Her accessories and the pictures 

15. The loops and then no loops say so much

16. Famous they always will stay

17. The black beauty and queen are here 

18. Every picture in this door has story to tell