Michael B. Jordan Partners With Serena Williams On $1 Million Giveaway For HBCU Students – Video


The acting sensation Michael B. Jordan and iconic tennis star Serena Williams joined their hands with others for helping the aspiring entrepreneurs from the HBCUs such as the students and the alumni of HBCUs to launch a business. They gave them a chance to win up to $1 million. Through an endowment from the firm of Michael B.

Jordan, Invesco QQQ Legacy Classic, the investment company of iconic tennis player, Serena Ventures and MaC Venture Capital, the participants have to submit a business proposal to be eligible for winning the prize money.

The general partner at Serena Ventures, Alison Stillman said, “HBCUs are an integral part of our educational ecosystem and have long been centers of entrepreneurial excellence. We are thrilled to be partnering with Michael B. Jordan and MaC Ventures on highlighting the brilliant student and alumni founders.” According to the press release, the winners of the competitions would be awarded by Jordan and Williams during the QQQ Legacy Classic Basketball Showcase Finals on 18th December, in New Jersey.

Many students are expected to attend the event such as the students from North Carolina A&T State University, North Carolina Central University, Howard University and Hampton University. According to the press release the event would also air on TNT. North Carolina A&T State has been in the media for months with its enrollment of a prominent freshman. J.R. Smith, the former NBA star is also attending the university and is pursuing a liberal arts degree. He is active on the college’s golf team and the previous week, he was att-acked by a swarm of yellowjackets during a round.

The general partner at MaC Venture Capital, Michael Palanik, said, “Talent is ubiquitous, but access to opportunity is not. Two of our partners are HBCU alumni, and we could not be more excited to uncover and support the amazing entrepreneurial talent we know is thriving at these universities.” The proposals submitted by the students would be reviewed by executives from six different companies, Thirty-Five Ventures, Invesco, MaC Ventures, Serena Ventures, Harlem Capital Partners, Cake Ventures.

In an interview, Jordan hinted at the event to Variety, “I am thrilled to finally announce the four HBCUs that will be competing in the inaugural Legacy Classic. Invesco QQQ and Turner Sports have been amazing partners in helping bring this experience to life. I grew up watching basketball games on TNT, so I am confident they will deliver this set of games to a true audience of basketball fans and their families in an exciting way.”