An 8-year-old Arkansas Boy Is Being Hailed A Hero After Saving The Life Of His 81-year-old Neighbor.


Caleb Hunt, eight year, third-grade pupil of The Carolyn Lewis Elementary School woke up one morning to the sound of crying and groaning. He went outside to check upon the same. While stating the facts about the incident to NBC station Kark Caleb Hunt said   “It was a groaning noise calling for help and I looked out the window and she was on the ground in the garage.” 

The kid stated that he rushed for help when he saw his elderly neighbor struggling on the floor. His neighbor “ Watson “had fallen and b-roke her h-ip while taking the trash out of her home. Both the neighbors knew each other quite well and the lady would often bring eateries and other pleasantries for Hunt and his younger sister. 

The little boy reacted quickly and rushed back inside to inform his mother and made her call emergency helpline 911. Soon the elderly lady was rushed to the hospital where she had a successful su-rgery. After her discharge she would be shifted taken to re-hab center for her satisfactory care. 

watson’ s son said that he was glad that Caleb spotted his mom and took the appropriate action.

Complimenting the boy’s intelligence he stated “Very fortunate that he was aware something different was going on.” “Absolutely he’s a hero. I mean any young kid that takes the time to help others period, especially someone in stress like that.” 

watson’s son said, Caleb continued with good deeds even after s-ue went to hospital. Caleb told to S-ue that he would take the trash out. 

With help of Caleb and his quick presence of mind watson had an immediate h-ip su-rgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

Caleb’s parents remarked that they are aware of their son’s kindness and caring attitude and this gesture was a display of compassion.