Officer Helps Boy Celebrate 8th Birthday After No One Picks Him Up From School – Video


It was the 8 th birthday of small child and he was eagerly waiting for someone his family to pick him up from his school. No one had come as yet. As boy waited in the school office, Officer Darryl Robinson from Green Bay po-lice Department arrived there. The school authorities had previously called the Green Bay Pol-ice Department, after they failed to reach an emergency contact.

As soon as Robinson saw the boy, he recognized him as the child’s parents had been prisoned some time earlier. Captain Keith Knoebel told to CBS News without divulging in details about the boy’s parents.

At a press conference on Wednesday Officer Robinson recalled”He was excited. It was his birthday and “It seemed like he was in good spirits. To keep up with the little boy’s good spirit and make his B’day enjoyable,Robinson decided to show him around the city in his patrol car.

About boy’s thrillness, Robinson stated”He was very excited to ride in one.”
He further said “I brought him to McDonald’s, got him a sandwich. He loved playing with the toy in his Happy Meal.”Prior to getting in touch with the boy’s grandfather and reuniting him with his siblings,Robinson spenta good 45 minutes-talking and playing while riding him around the city.

Pol-ice department posted Robinson’s act of kindness on Social media and the post quickly racked up thousands of likes and shares. For Robinson, he was just doing his duty and he never realized that his kind act will go viral. Captain Knoebel said”I think it’s great, great for the community, great for our department to have a good relationship with the people in our city.” “It’s a great thing.”

There were hundreds of online praises and messages with people thanking Robinson for his kind gesture. The applauding and admirable posts such as: “”What a fine officer. No one is more committed to the community than Officer Darryl Robinson,” That little boy will remember that for the rest of his life.”and “”I think i just felt my heart break,” and “Thanks to the officer for making that boys birthday a little better.” were touching and heartwarming.

Robinson said that he would have acted in the same manner in his normal routine. He said “Officers do this every day — not just cop, but different public service jobs as well. All of us do this. It’s not rare,” Robinson said. “I think it doesn’t get recognized enough.” He ended on a note by affirming that he would soon contact the boy and check out on his wellbeing.

He also specified “If he wants to come tour the po-lice station or see more things that we have to offer here — and play with the lights and stuff, we’ll be happy to do that.”

As he felt, there were many alike officers and others in public service jobs who would have behaved in a similar manner by taking care of the child in need, he hopes to meet the boy next time under finer and better conditions.