Meet Vivian Who Got Married At 50, And Just Gave Birth At 51


Vivian Chiologi, 51-year-old top socialite and Beauty entrepreneur and her husband John Shittu, a top Football licensed player agent, have just welcomed their bouncing baby girl. 

In 2016, the couple got married in 5 stars Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane back, London and in 2019, they welcomed their bundle of joy. 

When Vivian turned 50, she met John Shittu and soon fall in love with him and later they got married.

She badly wanted to have a child but she was worried because of her age. But surprisingly, she conceived soon after getting married and gave birth to a girl at the age of 51.

On sharing the good news, a very good friend of Vivian, Mo Abudu has written an emotional piece on his Instagram account. Viv, my darling, today I am happy to know the news and I thank God for your strength and life. 

What a testimony your life has become. You met with John Shittu and fall in love with him, as we called him, when you turned 50, last year. Now you guys got married. It was the most beautiful wedding ever. 

Then, we were waiting for a child and seeing you so determined to have a child, but you had turned 50.

How wonderful is that Sweetheart God loves you especially to do all these wonderful things for you. 

Congratulations darling. JS, thank you so much for making our friend’s life so wonderful and making her so happy.

Thank you, Lord, for your kindness, favor and love in the life of Viv and JS. I mean look at this beautiful pic of my darling Besto during her pregnancy and she is 51, incredible.

I am also sharing this story to say, never give up and with God on your side and with a good heart, all things are surely possible.