This Young Entrepreneur Opened A Coffee Shop At Age 9 To Employ Others With Disabilities – Video


It is nice to young entrepreneurs are paving the way for other people, who were being overlooked by society because of their special needs. 9-year-old, Camden Myers, North Carolina has opened a coffee business, Cam’s Coffee Creations. It is already impressive to know that a 9-year-old boy owns a business. Additionally, Cam’s Coffee Creations provides opportunities to people with disabilities, so that they can gain opportunities of gaining work experience and get training as well.

At the time of birth, Camden Myers suffered from a disturbing brain in-jury, because of which he had to experience some developmental and social challenges in the short span of 9 years. He learned to overcome the challenges presented by life and he decided to help other people like him as well. His own personal challenges and his entrepreneurial spirit encouraged him to create, “Cam’s Coffee Creations,”, a coffee shop.

A business whose goal is to hire and train people with disabilities and special needs.

Camden Myers is now 11 years old and he trains his own employees. The staff of the coffee shop is made up of students from schools in the Winston Salem area who also have various disabilities. Cam’s Coffee Creations is originally operated as a “pop up shop” style business and is also selling products from their official website. The coffee shop is permanently located in Green Tree Community Center in his hometown of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Cam’s mother, Latasha Lewis said, “With the right support, kids and teens and individuals with special needs really can accomplish anything, and so today is basically our mission, our vision in action.” The shop menu includes brewed coffees around the world, and the disabled and special needs students from Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools would receive job training and help behind the counter of the shop.

In an interview, Cam said, “I like helping people. I like working. I like making money and I like donating money. I like donating money to people who don’t have houses or food. What I enjoy most is the people, the coffee, and the mula. It feels great to know I can own a business even though sometimes I struggle. Owning my own business has helped my self-confidence, my anger issues and with math in school.”

Cam started it as a weekly hobby, but now it has blossomed into a full-fledged business. In addition to the delicious hot coffee and packaged coffee drinks, Cam has also partnered with ‘Be Spoke Creations’ for selling baked goods, which are made by autistic people. Cam Myers is still working towards his goal to make a mobile coffee shop. He also welcomes donations from people who want to support his mission.

The opening of the shop is a huge accomplishment for Cam Myers, his vision clearly extends beyond one community center storefront. Now, Cam dreams to open a coffee shop at multiple locations and one day he wants to compete with Starbucks. In the meantime, we wish him and all of his employees the best of luck in their new shop home.