Devon Franklin Talks Heaven Is For Real – Video


HEAVEN IS FOR REAL is a true story about a small-town father, who needs to find conviction and courage for sharing, a life-changing and extraordinary experience of his son with the world. HEAVEN IS FOR REAL, movie is based on #1 New York Times best-selling book, HEAVEN IS FOR REAL. The movie stars Academy Award nominee and Emmy award-winning actor, Greg Kinnear, featuring as Todd Burpo, with his co-stars, Kelly Reilly, featured as Sonja Burpo.

The couple’s son, played a newcomer, Connor Corum, featured as Colton claims that he has visited Heaven, during a near-d-eath experience. He tells the details of his amazing journey innocently tells facts that happened before his d-eath, which is impossible for him to know. Todd and his family are now trying to find the meaning of this remarkable event.

The movie is targeted towards the faith-based market. Sr. Vice-President of Production for Columbia Tristar Pictures, DeVon Franklin discusses his involvement with the movie. In an interview, he has been asked a few questions about the movie.

How did the story go from book to film?

DeVon Franklin said that it started with the book. He said that he received the book from Joe Roth and he fell in love with the story and the author of the book, Todd Burpo, who has played the role of father. He called Bishop T.D. Jakes and told him and they should work together. Bishop has already met Todd years ago, so they called Todd, acquired the rights and started developing the script. The story empowered them to make it a movie from it. As they bought the book and started to develop it for film, it became a #1 best seller for 100 weeks.

Not all successful novels translate to box office hi-ts. Why do you think that this movie could drive the audience? Was releasing the film during Easter weekend always the goal?
DF: They spend a lot of for discussing the time to release it.

He wanted to release it around Easter and Joe Roth and the team agreed. He thought it would be a good way to celebrate the Easter season with a film that’s a celebration of faith, a celebration of family, and a celebration of love.

We’ve seen a lot of faith-based films lately in theaters from ‘Son of God’ to ‘Noah.’ Why propelling studios are going this route?

DF: It wasn’t planned for him. He loved the fact that it’s more interesting to the audience. He loves when in the movie-going, the audience is finally standing up and saying, “We want more content that can inspire us.

We want more content that reaffirms our faith.” It is exciting to see all the films that are coming out and the audience is responding to them positively. He is very confident that ‘Heaven is for Real’ would be one of those success stories.

How were you touched by the book and film? Were there any differences?

DeVon Franklin said he was just captivated by what Colton saw and how he saw it. The whole story of the boy meeting his great-grandfather, who died over two decades before he was born. That was just a heartwarming story. DeVon Franklin said, when he read the book, he had lost his grandfather two years before so it resonated with him in a very deep way. They have to take creative license with some but together with Randall Wallace, the director, they did a really good job and ensured that the essence and the truth of their journey were preserved in the same way as it was in the book.

While we’ve seen our share of Black producers gaining some attention in the news with films that are doing well at the box office, you’re included in a rare amount of Black studio executives? Why so?

According to DeVon Franklin, every studio should make a commitment to diversity, which is important and a good business as well. The audience is diversified and those working behind-the-scenes need to represent the person.

Come April 16, what’s a good reason to see ‘Heaven is for Real?’

DeVon Franklin said that it’s a great movie and you can take your whole family to watch this film. It will uplift you and inspire you in a way that cannot be done by all the movies.