Steve Harvey’s Wife Cried When He Revealed The Secret He Kept For 9 Years – Video


Comedians like Steve Harvey are always thought of as the people we can count on for a laugh. As a television host, radio personality, and comedian, Steve Harvey has been making people laugh for years. Harvey is a success in his industry and is married to his amazing wide, Marjorie Elaine Harvey. Steve Harvey loves his wife and is always telling the world how much he loves his family.

Though Harvey asked Marjorie to be there to help the comedian pay tribute to a “special mother” on his show, he had an ulterior motive. The crowd immediately began cheering when Steve revealed his secret–he brought Marjorie on the show as a special way to honor her for Mother’s Day! Marjorie realized that the whole time she was there on the show, it was all part of her husband’s plan.

Harvey went on to share with the world how he and his wife met. For Harvey, it was love at first sight.

While we have all heard the saying that “when you know, you know”, for Harvey, he knew that Marjorie was going to be his wife the first night he saw her. While the comedian didn’t make good on his promise for a few years, he eventually did. He explained that everything happened in the way it was meant to and that since meeting his wife, he no longer simply exists–he now lives each day to the fullest.

Steve recognizes that without Marjorie, he wouldn’t be who he is today. Once he met his wife, she brought him a certain sense of joy and peace that he hadn’t felt in years.


Glenda DedmonI Happy for the two of them because they both found what the needed in each other. Remember his bitter former wife can’t get over the fact that he moved on after she asked and filed for the divorce.

Misty BlueI love the man and his wife, What sad Secret ? There is none Whoever made this video needs to change that title! I really hate dirt diggers, if you can’t say something nice SHUT UP

Mary SmithIs this true gett’n a divorce? Just like a woman leave when they think men are down n out, hope you saved some of your riches

Dorothy BrownWhen Bernie Mac first started in the role as cotton in Ocean’s 11 Steve Harvey called the producer and writer he like all them so much that they had the notion to record it when he called trying to convince them that Bernie Mac was not the right man for the role that he was it seems to be to me and this is just my point Steve Harvey will never be as famous as Bernie Mac because whatever you do in the dark will come out to the light and Bernie Mac was a straight-up man Steve Harvey on the other hand is not