‘you Are Cancelled’: Erykah Badu Boo’ed On Stage After Confessing Her Unconditional Love For R. Kelly Despite


After the release of Lifetime’s damning R. Kelly docuseries, as well as new investigations lodged against the musician, Erykah Badu has offered somewhat of a defensive stance about his complex legal situation. Specifically, during a Saturday evening concert in Chicago, the songstress told her audience to show Kelly some peace and understanding. “I dunno how everybody else feels about it but I’m putting up a prayer right now for R,” she said, per The Guardian.

“I hope he sees the light of day if he done all those things that we’ve seen on TV and heard those ladies talk about. I hope he sees the light of day and comes forward.” When fans booed in response, Badu expounded a bit further, clarifying that she’s not asking for forgiveness per se: What y’all say, f-k him? That’s not love.

That’s not unconditional love. But what if one of the people that was as-lted by R Kelly grows up to be an offender, we gonna crucify them?

They ’bout to R Kelly me to lost on the internet, I’m like goddamn. I just want peace and light for everybody and healing for those who are hurt because everyone involved has been hurt, victimised in some kinda way. Love for everybody.” As Badu predicted, internet backlash about her comments was swift, and she offered a follow-up tweet that seemingly addressed Kelly. “I love you. Unconditionally,” she wrote. “That doesn’t mean I support your choices.”

Kelly is currently on the receiving end of two cri-nal investigations. These investigations, in Atlanta and Chicago, respectively, were prompted due to the high-profile aftermath of Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly. Multiple families of Kelly’s charge suffer have since been putting pressure on local authorities in the two states to investigate claims of s-ual misconduct.


India YelderAnd all these comments below is the exact reason why there are so many abu-sers in the black community. No self preservation, no holding grown men accountable, and you have the women co-signing and supporting abu-sers. It’s sick-ening.

Denzel CastroI always forget about RKelly but ya always bring him up. Now that I remembered he exist im going to play his albums.

Stephen-Lee BaynesWho cancelling r kelly or erykah? Not black people. Let the courts deal with his guilt or innocence.

Mitchell StevensonMake sure you guys are not canceling her for the right reason ,she would probably would want yalll to know that Namaste and all that sh=t

Nayka ShawY’all just be wanting folks to run around with hate in they heart, all she said was she hopes he gets healed and forgiven. Y’all not gone acknowledge the part she said about how quick black ppl shun other blacks guilty or not but then don’t hold other races accountable and forgive them.

Source: vulture.com