6 Black Women CEOs That Are Building Their Own Multi-Million Dollar Companies


Black women have proved in recent times that they will continue to be leading entrepreneurs for years to come. They run their respective businesses on profits, earn respect from employees and provide the solutions in the markets with innovation and technology. Some of the most successful black business women who are gaining media attention are listed here:

Crystal Etienne, CEO of Panty Prop

Panty Prop Inc., CEO and founder Crystal Etienne l Etienne is an entrepreneur of African-American origin. Panty Prop Inc. was launched in 2016 in New York City and it provides feminine hygiene solutions. The product line designed to prevent women from facing embarrassing situations. Etienne’s product line consists of “Hygiene Fashion Wearable’s” such as sleepwear, swimwear and innerwear for young girls and women of all age groups.

The sales for Etienne’s product line have crossed over $10 million mark in just three from the time of its inception. After being in business for good five years, Panty Prop is$25 million brand. Crystal Etienne is the first ever black lady to lead and expand a feminine hygiene company.

Dawn Dickson, CEO of PopCom

Dawn Dickson founded PopCom in 2017, but this wasn’t her first project.

Dawn started off with her first technological project way back in 2002. Dawn has experience of over 20 years in the field of technological entrepreneurship, marketing as well as business development. PopCom is automated retail technology company that uses facial recognition to collect customer data such as age, gender, calculates conversion rates. They collected data allows retailers to utilize it for selling more products and understand customer better. The PopCom software has empowered the future of retail. PopCom has over 4500 clients globally. Dawn has been featured on various Magazines’ such Forbes, Venture Beat, Huffington Post and the cover of Black Enterprise.

Pandwe Gibson, CEO of ECoTech Vision (ETV)

A Harvard graduate, ECoTech Vision is Pandwe Gibson’s brainchild.

ETV is the first green incubator and maker space in Miami, Florida. The 52,000 square feet allows entrepreneurs to plan, create and launch innovative green manufacturing business. ETV offers entrepreneurs with office space, event space, manufacturing facilities. It has classroom space that helps to develop products made with recycled materials. Gibson has helped to train over 250 South Floridians and had provided education to more than 400 intern students. The innovative vision of Gibson has attracted $3.2 million from public as well as private investments and partnerships.

Jasmine Crowe, CEO of Goodr

Founder of Goodr, Jasmine Crowe says “The idea that hunger is an issue of scarcity and we need to produce more food is false”. Crowe founded Goodr in 2017, it is a sustainable food waste management company that allows technology to solve the issue of food waster and hunger.

Crowe feels hunger is a logistic issue and this is why her foundation Goodr solves the surplus food supply chain issue. Goodr uses Blockchain innovation which helps to decrease food wastage and diminish hunger. Crowe’s Goodr has served over 2 million pounds of surplus food that has been shipped off from the landfills. It has provided over 1.8 million dinners since its inception. Goodr has partnered with NFL Environment and soon be launched in DC and Chicago.

Sevetri Wilson, CEO of Resilia

Sevetri Wilson, founder and CEO of a technology startup Resilia has been named as a Rising Star in Forbes Cloud 100 list. Resilia was founded 2016 and has its base in New Orleans and has its second office in New York City. Resilia has a net worth of $10M in venture capital. Sevetri has been named in Inc.

Magazine’s 100 female Founders who have built world-changing companies. The aim of Resilia is to help new non-profit organizations to establish and increase their capacity. It provides existing enterprises on-demand tools to optimize their operations effectively.

Dr. Rachel Angel, CEO of Peerro

Dr. Rachel Angel is a pharmacist by profession. However she stepped away from her career and developed a pathway platform-Peerro for young professionals and employers. The platform provides entry level professionals and the app uses endorsements which ensure that the candidates are qualified and given right jobs. Peerro also ensures to display the education and training information of the job seekers to the perspective employers. This allows job seekers to get better placed at good pay scales. Peerro has partnered with several educational institutes such as Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

Peerro intends to expand further more to include more schools and employers.