Just 16 Adorable Photos Of Puppies Who Outgrew Their Owners


From fluff to fur, puppies grow-up really fast. You blink once or twice, and your little goofball has become a sophisticated K9. Because of their rapid development, a lot of owners want to document every breath, their little bundle of joy takes. Others go a step further by making and then recreating a series of then and now family photos with their beloved funny dogs.

Bored Panda has collected another series (part I, part II) of before-and-after photos of cute dogs growing up, and they’re so adorable, they’ll definitely remind you to cherish every moment you spend with your family pet. Scroll down to check out the most adorable family dogs and upvote your favorite changes!

1. Before And After Deployment

2. Father, Daughter And Pets Take The Same Photo For 10 Years, And It’s Bizarre How Little Things Actually Change

3. 20 Years Later And Still Going Strong

4. 6 Weeks Vs. 6 Months

5. 14 Years And A Lot Of Grey Hairs Later

6. Once The Boss, Always The Boss

7. Before And After. That’s Like Having A Pet Bear

8. 8 Weeks To 8 Months

9. Exactly 12 Years Apart

10. 12 Weeks Apart

11. 11 Years Apart

12. Let’s Grow Up Together, Friend

13. My Boy Lucky Was There For My First Day Of Kindergarten And My Senior Portrait

14. Veterinarian Caring For The Same Dog 15 Years Apart

15. 3 – 6 – 9 – 12 Months With My Little Girl

16. “I Want To Sleep On You Hooman”


Kris Ann KolzYears ago my niece ask to get a puppy that the neighbors couldn’t sell, it was the runt. The dog turned out the size of a pony. It looked like a great Dane and lab mix, heavy on the great dane.

Anna Fitzpatrick DealWe rescued what we were told was a pomeranian mix, likely wouldn’t weigh more than 12lbs. He is mix with a pit,he weighs 35lbs and stands up to my knees. He also looks like a little kid drew what they thought a dog should look like and then he magically came to life

Shannon HarbachA neighbor kid growing up brought home a black and white puppy she got from the farmers market. They said it was a border collie. One look was all it took to know tht was a pit bull puppy. And he ended up being a huge one, too, that spent most of his time tied up in their back yard.

Juli WestgateMy old neighbor got a puppy that was supposed to be a Chow and Golden Retriever mix. That was great because she wanted a medium size dog. It wasn’t too long when it became clear that she’d actually gotten a Great Pyrenees and Golden Retriever mix. If memory serves, Buffy was around 140 lbs.

Brieanna CarterWe rescued a puppy that had been thrown off a bridge, after being h-t We rescued a puppy that had been thrown off a bridge, after being h-t in the head with a board with a nail, into a river with her litter mates. She survived along with one other.

We were told she was a Chihuahua, but she actually turned out to be a German Shepherd mix. Sweetest baby ever.

Source: boredpanda.com