This Mom And Her Two Daughters Own 13 Mcdonald’s Franchises In California – Video


In April, 2017, Patricia Williams, the recipient of Golden Arch Award, the highest award that any McDonald’s owner can be given and her daughters, Nicole Enearu and Kerri Harper, have opened their 13th McDonald franchise location.

Adapting to modern technology is the demand of present scenario, hence their newest franchise location has provision of digital touch screens at every table along with self-order kiosks. Simultaneously, the traditional customers can order their food via their HD television digital menu boards. Over the years, the Mother – Daughters trio have built an empire of McDonald’s franchise in Los Angles and California area. They have employed over 700 people from their community and have generated annual revenue of approx $50 million.

The Beginning

Around 30 years ago, prior to her venture with McDonald, Patrica and her husband had safe careers. While Patrica was working as a reh-abilitation therapist, her husband was a officer with LAPD post. At that point of time, Patricia got inspired by a close relative who owned a McDonald franchisee. Patricia aspired to have a McDonald’s franchise.

With, family support and motivation on their side, the couple decided to withdraw some amount from their retirement funds and took a small loan to pursue their dream to own Mc Donald franchise. Patrica while talking to Los Angeles Sentinel told them that becoming a owner of Mc Donald is not an easy task as mandatory conditions such as spending time in a McDonald’s outlet and attend required classes are necessary, to excel in the business. Further, commenting upon undergoing a vigorous training along with being a responsible Mother to her young daughters, Patrica said “It was a pretty intense, a three-year program and I had two young daughters.

But like most things in life, it was the right time and the right place. The opportunity presented itself so I jumped right on in and I haven’t regretted one moment.”

Expanding the Business

Due to growing popularity of McDonald’s in 1980’s, Patrica and her husband’s first outlet in location in Compton in 1984 was an overnight success. The good returns enabled Patrica and her husband to purchase their second Mc Donald outlet. Later when Patrica’s marriage fell off and she separated from her husband, she became the exclusive owner of both the Mc Donald’s franchisees as she bought her husband’s share in the venture.
Over the years, Patrica continued t boost her customer care and marketing skills which resulted in increasing her revenue at both the locations.

In the year 1995, Patricia made a smart decision of selling off her two McDonalds outlets and bought five new outlets. As per the reports of Los Angles Sentinel, Patricia is the owner of every McDonald’s in the city of Compton!

Having Daughters to Join

Patrica never had any plans of getting her daughters involved in McDonald venture. However, in early 2000’s both her daughters got involved in it.
Just like her Mother, Nicole too made a change in her career. She went through the McDonald’s franchise training program and simultaneously purchased a store for opening a McDonald franchisee. She outclassed in her skills to become the first female, African American Chair for the McDonald’s Southern California Regional Leadership Council.
Patrica’s second daughter Kerri, a lawyer by profession was initially heading the legal and HR Department of her mother’s MacDonald’s franchisee.

Later, since she too was keen on have her own McDonalds franchise, she enrolled herself for a training program with the Next Generation program at McDonald’s – a program for children of McDonald’s owner operators.

Asserting her emotions, Kerri mentioned to Los Angles Sentinel “The opportunity to show my kids what it’s like to be my own boss is invaluable and I’m lucky enough to have a sister who I work extremely well with. She and I have been close our entire lives so that made the decision even easier.”

Funding the Community

Today, the three ladies are jointly running McDonalds – a multi-million dollar company that provides numerous jobs to the local community. They also own a nonprofit organization named, ‘Williams/Enearu Organization’ that provides scholarships to local students and funds various regional and national charities. Implementation and ex-ecution of modern technology by the three energetic and capable ladies in their business is a reflection of their perpetual commitment to contribute to the local community.